Open Call: Submit to Ghosts of Seattle Past!

If you didn’t make it to the Irish Wake for Lost Seattle Places, you probably didn’t hear the exciting news: the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology is open for submissions until April 30th!

Ghosts of Seattle Past Call for Submissions

What we’re looking for: essays, photographs, and art commemorating a public place (or gathering space such as a store, restaurant, institution, or venue) that is gone. We want to hear about the veterinarian office where you took your dog. We want to hear about the speakeasy where your grandparents met. We want that picture of the vacant lot (now condo) where you and your friends used to play ball.

A few caveats: 1) no residences; as much as we agree that your grandmother’s old house is worth remembering, the map just gets too crowded if we include stories like that; 2) this is a project of personal histories; we LOVE historical background, but ultimately this project is about memory, so we can’t accept your research paper on that old foundry unless it’s grounded in recollections of a childhood visit. For more on what we’re looking for, scroll through our blog and home page, or go directly to our Atlas/Anthology page. The site has a submission portal, but you can also email: info@seattleghosts.com.

We’ll be welcoming your essays, artwork, and map entries for consideration in the printed anthology until April 30th. Let’s get cracking!

(Guest Blogger: Cali Kopczick of Chin Music Press)

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