Irish Wake for Lost Seattle Places: March 17th

Ghosts of Seattle Past presents an Irish Wake for Lost Seattle PlacesAn Irish Wake:

1. A commemoration of the loved and lost

2. A raucous celebration of life

Dear Seattle,

Got any plans for St. Patrick’s day? No? Well, how does a relentless, 6-hour Irish Wake for Seattle’s lost places sound?

Join us at LoveCityLove’s new location on E Pike and 14th, from 6pm to midnight on March 17th for a jam-packed celebration, complete with 19 readings, 3 musical performances, short films, an art exhibit, and beer from Fremont Brewing Company!

If you enjoyed our debut installation at Short Run Comix and Arts Festival last October, get ready for something bigger and better. Our anthology has been rapidly growing, and we can’t wait for you to see our next work-in-progress exhibit that will showcase everything we’ve been working on! And, like last time, we invite you to add to our maps in person, submit your most missed lost places, and share memories of Seattle.

The craic (an Irish phrase meaning fun, ultimate enjoyment, and entertainment) will really take off at 6:30pm when our performers raise their voices. Who are they, you ask?

Well, our endlessly talented readers include:

  • Sarah Galvin
  • Allison Green
  • Kibibi Monie
  • Eroyn Franklin
  • Elissa Ball
  • Graham Isaac
  • Jeff Stevens
  • Ma’Chell Duma LaVassar
  • Samantha Updegrave
  • Pam Mandel
  • Adrian Ryan
  • Courtney Hudak
  • Laura Lucas
  • Tamiko Nimura
  • Erin Gilbert
  • Judy Oldfield
  • Cari Simson
  • Noel Franklin
  • Jennifer Munro

And our musical guests who will bring our memories and dancing feet to life are:

  • Seattle jazz legend Dave Holden
  • Flight of the Condos (members of Android Hero)
  • And Halfway Haus, a spectacular drag quartet comprised of Cookie Couture, Khloe5X, Betty Wetter, and Miss Americano.

To put the icing on the cake, you’ll be surrounded by an epic art exhibit, including:

  • Comic and cut paper art from Mita Mahato, Eroyn Franklin, and Jon Strongbow
  • Photography by Alice Wheeler, Renee Krulich, and Victoria Holt
  • Woodblock prints by Shelly Leavens
  • Mixed media pieces by Elizabeth Halfacre, Jaimee Garbacik, and Janet Nechama Miller
  • Hand-drawn maps by Joshua Powell
  • Video installations by Robert Zverina and Adam Sekular
  • A series of short films made in collaboration with Northwest Film Forum
  • Even a chair from the old Velvet Elvis theater!!

Want to hear the best part? This event is FREE and ALL-AGES!  So bring your family and friends along to both celebrate and mourn the city’s fallen places with us! IT WILL BE EMOTIONAL! IT WILL BE UNCEASING! IT WILL BE A PARTY!

Need directions? We got ’em!

Come join us to publicly process all the change, and to do so as a group—in tandem with our neighbors, and as a community. Let’s hear about the places we have lost and commemorate their time in the sun. Step up to the mic and tell us where you miss. It will a party; it will be a Wake. Come celebrate and mourn our changing city. 


Your Ghostly Team

P.S. Be sure to get your hands on Wednesday’s issue of The Stranger! We have a feeling that Rich Smith will have something to say about us…

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