Ghosts of Seattle Past

UPDATE! The Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology is now available from Chin Music Press. Would you like to buy a copy?


The Ghosts of Seattle Past is an atlas of our memories, a collaborative map of places loved and missed in a rapidly evolving city. In this interactive art installation and anthology curated by author/editor Jaimee Garbacik, storytelling and cartography preserve the venues, restaurants, shops and institutions we’ve lost to development in Seattle, the city of the future.

The Maps. Ghosts of Seattle Past.

There will be maps. The curator’s father is the last remaining cartographer and land surveyor in New England who still makes maps by hand, and is lending his expertise to our hand-drawn maps of Seattle’s past, pinned with the phantom places we recall together. You can add spots to the digital map-in-progress on this site, or to the hand-drawn maps when Ghosts of Seattle Past appears at a venue near you. This exhibit will be shown in as many places as will have it for us to remember together our shared histories.

The Anthology. Ghosts of Seattle Past.

There will also be an anthology of memories. You are invited to submit your stories, essays, photographs, and art featuring your experiences in these lost places. A sample of these memories will be viewable on this website, and the full cultural atlas will be compiled, edited, and released in print as an anthology by Chin Music Press featuring our hand-drawn maps. A beta version of the atlas will also travel to festivals and galleries, where it will happily receive in-person submissions.