Other Sightings

The Ghosts of Seattle Past isn’t the only attempt to archive, grieve, or memorialize our city’s lost spaces. Haunt some of these other projects preserving Seattle stories.

  • Shelf Life: A community story project using the impending closure of the Red Apple Grocery Store as a focal point for gathering and sharing the stories of the people who live and work in the Central Area
  • 1-World Globes & Maps: A small Seattle business that sells and prints current and historical maps, including several of old Seattle (The map of the waterways circa 1878 that Ghosts uses as its homepage cover image is one of their beautiful works, used with permission.)
  • Citizen Minutes: Northwest Film Forum’s community video initiative exploring what’s happening across our city (Local filmmakers, artists and community members offer topical conversations through super short videos  – including a number of videos produced in collaboration with Ghosts’ contributors)
  • SEAchange: Seattle Globalist’s crowdsourced memory map for South Seattle, focusing on Rainier Valley housing redevelopment, business planning/zoning, and new sites in progress
  • The Waterlines Project: A project from the Burke Museum examining the history of Seattle through its waterlines (Start with this blog post which includes an animation of how Pioneer Square has changed over the life of the city)
  • #LoveTheHill: A storefront installation on Broadway documenting the evolution and development of Capitol Hill over the last 30 years
  • Seattle In Memory: A tumblr commemorating Seattle places loved and lost, including a site-specific installation for On 15th Video
  • Historic Seattle: A nonprofit protecting Seattle’s architectural heritage through educational programs, advocacy, and the preservation of buildings and cultural landscapes
  • PaulDorpat.com: An archive of journalist Paul Dorpat’s “Seattle Now & Then” column for the Seattle Times, flush with historical documents and photography
  • Radical Seattle Remembers: Writer Jeff Stevens’ blog about the history of radical and progressive political and social activism in Seattle
  • Our Lives in Google: A landscape film by Adam Sekular using Google Maps to create a personal memoir and travel journal focused on memory, nostalgia and technology.


Did I miss any? Let me know.