The Artists

Jaimee Garbacik is a book editor, writer, artist, and the owner and founder of Footnote Editorial. She has been privileged to edit for New York Times bestselling authors, Caldecott Honor and Emmy Award recipients, and some of the world’s foremost scientists. Jaimee is also the author of Gender and Sexuality For Beginners (For Beginners, 2013, illus. by Jeffrey Lewis), a critical examination of the sex-gender system and the evolution of gender roles, currently on curricula at more than a dozen universities. She is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the Northwest Independent Editors Guild, and former programming chair of The Vera Project. When not writing and editing, she spray paints on found windows, guest lectures, and advocates for youth equity. Jaimee feels strongly that ethnographic accounts are crucial for preserving memory, place, and culture. As the daughter of a land surveyor and cartographer, she also adores maps of every kind. You can visit Jaimee’s personal site to find updates on her writing or follow her @JaimeeG

Josh Powell is a lifelong learner and explorer with wide-ranging passions from music to culinary arts, ludology to mycology. He moved to Seattle as a teenager. A small sampling of his contributions to our city in his 15 years living here include: six years as director of the all-ages youth-led music and arts organization, The Vera Project; helping to co-found The Bikery, a nonprofit providing all people access to bicycles and bike know-how; and hosting dozens of Secret Cafes to support various other causes and organizations. Josh is currently at Seattle’s largest environmental remediation firm, clandestinely investigating how we might one day employ fungi in cleaning up oil and hazardous material spills. He is also designing a board game about mushrooms, called Champ.

Jon Horn is a drawer, screenprinter, bookmaker and wheatpaster who began his journey in visual art as a direct result of moving to Seattle and being immediately welcomed by ZAPP (Zine Archive & Publishing Project) and The Vera Project. Being a part of these spaces allowed him to develop the experimental and cooperative practices in printing and publishing that sustain him still. In the last four years, he has received a GAP grant from Artist Trust, created the science history trading card series, Supramystic Saga, launched ZAPP’s Xenographic periodical, cofounded the print collective, Fogland Studios, and was published in EyesOpen! magazine. He currently serves on Short Run‘s advisory board and publishing committee.