Ghosts have needs too…

We have turned the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology-atlas into a published and distributed book to better preserve and more easily share its heaving innards. This anthology is chock full of your memories, art, photography, essays, and our hand-drawn maps of each neighborhood’s lost spaces.

We want to travel the exhibit and install the art that people have contributed commemorating lost Seattle places, so everyone can add to the maps and interact with the project. We want to throw more events like our Irish Wake for Lost Seattle Places, providing a public forum for people to process change as a community.

We would also like to make more large-scale maps of Seattle’s long-lost places: better maps, more detailed maps.

These are pricey endeavors, even on the smallest possible scale using rudimentary materials and donating our time. If you’d like to contribute to our purse, we would be much obliged.

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