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Where do you miss? What spot must never be forgotten?

The places submitted as memories to the Ghosts of Seattle Past have also been turned into a series of hand-drawn maps of the city featuring the venues, shops, restaurants, galleries, and gathering sites that haunt our hearts. They travel with The Anthology to festivals and galleries, where everyone can pin and commemorate our lost spaces. (Although the Ghosts anthology has been published with print versions of the hand-drawn maps inside, we will continue to update them digitally for subsequent printings.)

If you would like to see what places have been remembered so far, explore this Google Maps version below.

Not seeing a place you miss on the map? Submit a new location by right clicking on the map and filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind, this section is just for tracking the places lost along with a brief description. Stories, memories, etc. should be submitted to The Anthology. (Note: to avoid duplicates, new places are reviewed before they post to the map, so don’t worry if your submission doesn’t show up right away).

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21st Century Foxxxes Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1501 E Olive Way “Sunday was a dance night called ReHab hosted by DJ Baby J. Thursdays belonged to Jackie and Ursula’s theatrical Pho Bang! And Tuesday became my favorite night of the week, because our hostess was Ms. Connie Merlot. Connie was a character based on a Nevada prostitute of the same name in Nick Broomfield’s Chicken Ranch documentary. Connie loved Jesus, truckers, and the sublime sounds of the Pointer Sisters-—often gracing us with the karaoke cover of ‘Slow Hand’ that would become her signature. [...] We didn’t know it then, but those days at Foxxxes were truly the last days of disco, whose revival had been born of the Clinton administration’s easy excess. As we segued into the Bush era, we had no idea what was about to happen to the world, and the events of 9/11 hit us all like a ton of bricks. We may have been a club full of sluts, fags, and trannies, but we weren’t the type to fiddle while Rome burned, and as our scene came to a close, so did the carefree nature of our youth. It was also the beginning of the end of what the Capitol Hill neighborhood used to be—an affordable gathering place for artsy weirdos to make their way.” -Ma’Chell Duma LaVassar, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
2nd Time Around Records Stores & Shops 4209 University Way Northeast, Seattle, WA, United States
318 Tavern Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.64643883186901, -122.35006928443909 Dive bar with best bacon double cheeseburger and greasy fries basket. Pool and great pinball in the back. Jukebox not shabby either.
619 Western Art Galleries & Art Studios 619 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States
700 Club Venues, Theaters, Clubs 700 Virginia St, Seattle Funky, low ceiling club above a sports bar on Virginia. Home to Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, Soul. Private side rooms for conversation.
A&P Grocery Store Stores & Shops 47.576228966174206, -122.29854941368103 Once a part of the largest chain in America, closed mid 70's.
A&W Hamburgers Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.66103746418424, -122.33407258987427 I want a Papa Burger!
A.F.L.N. (A Frilly Lacey Nighty) Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1700 E Madison, Seattle, WA “A.F.L.N. was a cafe [...] where the Trader Joe’s on Capitol Hill is now. It stood for ‘A Frilly Lacey Nighty.’ It was full of art and toasters. Every table had a [weird vintage] toaster on it. At the counter you could buy a slice of bread and then take it to your table and toast it.” - Vida Rose, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Aaron Brothers Stores & Shops 1513 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States Still sitting empty...
Abruzzi Pizza Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 604 Pike Street, Seattle, WA, United States First Pizzeria in the city of Seattle, ran from 1956-1996, owned by Nick Finamore
Adriatica Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.63820542737656, -122.34431862831116 Adriatica - Lovely view, great food, fabulous staff.
Afro Mini Store Stores & Shops 166 19th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Alki Homestead Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2717 61st Avenue SW, Seattle, WA Built in 1903-4 as the Fir Lodge. One of the first permanent structures in West Seattle, it and its original carriage house (now the Log House Museum) are two of only three log houses remaining in West Seattle. The first owners moved to Downtown Seattle after only a few years, and the Seattle Auto and Driving Club used it to gather and share meals. As West Seattle grew the log house served in turn as a private residence and a boarding house. In the 1950s, through several changes in ownership, it became the Alki Homestead Restaurant. Doris Nelson lived in the log house and ran the restaurant for decades, and her antique decoration and homestyle dining turned the Homestead into a favorite for community events. In the 1990s, the City of Seattle added it to the official Table of Historic Landmarks, with Doris’s blessing. Doris died in 2004, and in early 2009 a circuit overloaded by Christmas lights blew, starting a fire that burned out the restaurant. After another change in ownership, the log house is currently undergoing badly-needed renovations. You don’t need to hang around West Seattle too long to hear people mentioning the Homestead and wondering when it’ll be back open.
Alki Point Obelisk Gathering Place 2820 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 “I was eight years old when we moved [the obelisk]. It was across the street from the [Stockade] Hotel and they moved it over on the waterfront. They put a time capsule in it. I was going to Alki School then. I wrote something about the pioneers coming here and drew a picture of pioneers and Indians, I guess. I didn’t remember what it was. But my contribution was chosen to go into the time capsule…The day that they dedicated it, they had a huge ceremony there…Every child in West Seattle from the schools was there. A lot of parents and everybody else, and the master of ceremonies was General Douglas MacArthur. He was all dressed up in his fancy uniform, and had on all the medals and everything. Our teachers told us who he was. But the crowd took up Alki Avenue all the way from 59th down to 64th. All over the promenade and up the back streets—just a huge crowd. There must have been thousands of people.” - Merrilee Hagen, in an interview with Ghosts of Seattle Past
Alpha Cine Laboratory Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1001 Lenora Street, Seattle WA 98121 "There once was a place called Alpha Cine Laboratory and it is felt, by some, to be one of the first casualties in the war to make Seattle a world class city." - Quote from essay submitted to Ghosts.
Andy's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 214 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102 From Shares top honors along with the Dog House on the list of Seattle's dead diners. Andy's was for years and years the main gathering place for, and the spiritual center of, Capitol Hill. In the years that I went there, and I started when Hot Turkey Sandwiches were 75 cents, the place never changed. The menu, except for the prices, remained almost exactly the same. Much mourned. Spent many a day there hopping tables, moving from one conversation to another, eating two, sometimes three, meals, without ever leaving the place. Now that it's gone I no longer know where to go when up on Capitol Hill. Just not the same place anymore. Andy's is not to be confused with Andy's Diner, located in a series of railcars down on Fourth Ave. S., although there are undoubtedly some, who did not frequent the Capitol Hill establishment, who refer to the latter as "Andy's."
Andy's Stores & Shops 47.62494178568101, -122.32099950313568 Dime store with a tall, Willy Wonka Style wall of candy behind the register. For the walk home from Lowell.
Andy's Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.62006422828417, -122.32065618038177 Andy's Cafe
Angie's Tavern Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4915 Rainier Avenue South Seen as Columbia Billards in a 1937 PSRA image, the one story wood frame building in the Landmark District of Columbia City over the years housed various drinking establishments including The Boar's Nest, The Pink Poodle, and until its destruction in 2013 Angie's Tavern, the local watering hole sometimes referred to as "a diamond in the rough." Earlier seemingly simpler times in Columbia City are missed by some, as the historic business core converts to multi story new developments and the residential density the City of Seattle now demands.
Animal Tracks Stores & Shops 400 Pine Street #300 seattle, wa A toy store
Antique Car Ride Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.62132252979047, -122.35001027584076 Old attraction from 1962 World's Fair relocated to Remlinger Farms Carnation.
Arcane Comics Stores & Shops 47.671109585903075, -122.37649440765381 A beloved local comic shop, banished to the northern lands of lesser rents in 2016.
Arctic Ice Cream Novelties Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1901 23rd Avenue South, Seattle, WA, United States Ice cream factory
Armory Building Other Business 860 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, WA, United States Now home to MOHAI.
Art's Ten-Cent Store Stores & Shops 1201 Jackson St, Seattle, WA “The entrance—or exit—into the Black & Tan, they had the main door on 12th Avenue, that was where the main entrance was, but you went around the corner on Jackson there was another entrance, but it wasn’t used other than after hours or, there was one day we were told to meet up at Art’s Ten-Cent Store…But they said, ‘Okay, well just go on down, go down those steps and that’ll take you to the Black & Tan,’ it was like ‘Wow, there’s another door?’ All those years, I had been performing at the Black & Tan and they had never knew that there was an exit through Art’s Ten-Cent Store.” -Kibibi Monié, in an interview with Ghosts of Seattle Past
Astrology Et Al Bookstore Stores & Shops 4748 University Way NE, Seattle, WA, United States "It is strange to me that you can go into a room and learn so much of what may happen, and why, and then that place disappears. Every good city needs a good metaphysical bookstore. There are still a few others, but this is the store where my Capricorn heart was poked by fates." - From essay submitted to Ghosts.
Atlas Chinese Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.59843334181857, -122.32493698596954 This and Tai Tung Restaurant (still open!) were the places to got to eat after the bars closed.
Atlas Grocery Stores & Shops 47.60190226374083, -122.3137092590332
Atlas Theatre Venues, Theaters, Clubs 410 Maynard Ave S, Seattle, WA
B&O Espresso Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 204 Belmont Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102
Backstage Theater Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.66885544914306, -122.38340377807617 Basement music venue on Market Street. Great mix of shows and people.
Bailey-Coy Books Stores & Shops 414 Broadway E, Seattle, WA Gay-owned bookstore
Bait House Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 5517 Seaview Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA, United States Cafe, live music, west of Locks.
Ballard Denny's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.669086647137576, -122.37679481506348 The old Denny's with shiny vinyl booths on 15th & Market
Ballet Vietnamese Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 914 E Pike St Seattle, WA 98122 I hated this place. Some of the worst food I've ever eaten. But EVERYONE else loved it. And they're crazy.
Banadir Halal Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 5212 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle, WA, United States
Bananas Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.64993709377577,-122.34957575798035 One of Seattle's early disco bars (mid 1970s to early(?) 1980s). Gay friendly.
Beacon 10 cent Store Stores & Shops 47.58065829171401, -122.31389164924622 Variety store closed early 70s.
Beacon Hill Hobby Shop Stores & Shops 47.587240069413106, -122.31402575969696 Beacon Hill Hobby Shop: They sold model planes, trains, automobiles and rockets. Closed in the early 80's.
Beatty Book Store Stores & Shops 1925 Third Ave., Seattle WA
Belltown Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2309 1st Ave, Seattle, WA, United States 1977- 1983. Trendy sweet and romantic. started out one one storefront and after a review in The Seattle Weekly its was able to expand next door. Many new artists as well as well known artists were there such as the place burned down soon after it became a soup kitchen.
Bernie & Boys Grocery Other Business 11225 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98168 Locally owned grocery store with The Best Butcher and Chorizo.
Best Baked Goods Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1717 North 45th Street, Seattle, WA, United States This was absolutely the Best place in Wallingford to have espresso and desserts. Friendly wait staff always smiling.
Bikur Cholim Synagogue Gathering Place 104 17th Ave S, Seattle, WA Rachel Kessler, a Central District resident, recently found out that she has family history in the neighborhood: “The address of the old synagogue [where my grandfather was buried] is right where the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute stands. I locked my bike to a stop sign and climbed the stairs to the formal western entrance. The grand building’s former life as a synagogue now became apparent in its architectural details. Classical lines, Palladian arched windows and a shallow dome above the square center. This is how bricks and stone say temple. Immediately right of the three sets of doors a large polished granite rectangle amidst the smaller cream-colored brick façade caught my eye. I scooted around behind a trashcan and saw text engraved on it: Corner-Stone laid May 1915 Herman Kessler. Hyas muckamuck, for sure.”
Bikur Cholim Synagogue Gathering Place 47.601728642251345, -122.31027603149414
Black Arts/West Venues, Theaters, Clubs 3406 E Union St, Seattle Seattle's first black performance arts theater which provided many opportunities for youth, known nationally as a leader in the arts... Now Glassybaby, known for their votive candles.
Black Cat Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 5000 30th Ave NE #100, Seattle, WA 98105 From: The Black Cat Cafe was a vegetarian co-op located in Seattle's University District at 4110 Roosevelt Way. During the mid-1990s it began to host all-ages punk rock shows pretty regularly. It wasn't a very big space and it seemed like sometimes twice as many people were hanging out outside than could fit in the actual room where the bands played. Katrina Hellbusch (AKA Katrina Outcast) booked a bunch of the shows. Since I lived in the U-District just a few blocks away, I loved going to shows here. Lots of touring crusty punk bands played here, as well as local bands. I remembering seeing the Catheters for the first time here and a couple of good shows by Vancouver BC's Submission Hold.
Black Cat Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4110 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA, United States Vegetarian Collective Kitchen. Introduced me to so many things... 'zines, straight edge, punk in a whole new light, collective??!, and middle eastern food made by white people. It was the perfect mix of dingy atmosphere, heavily pierced and tattooed, up-tight workers, and comfort.
Black Panther Headquarters Gathering Place 47.61287541946064,-122.28864669799805 Black Panther Party office was located at 1127 34th Ave. The Washington state chapter of the BPP was established in April, 1968 after Aaron Dixon, Elmer Dixon, Anthony Ware, Gary Owens and several other future Panthers attended a memorial service in San Francisco for 17 year-old Bobby Hutton. Hutton had been killed by Oakland police in a shootout in which Party leader Eldridge Cleaver was also wounded.
Black Panther Headquarters Gathering Place 2737 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112 “It wasn’t officially a Panther office, but it was on the corner of what is known as Martin Luther King Jr. Way—which back then was called Empire, Empire & Madison. It was above a cleaners; I think that building is still there. We used to meet there when we were working with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). Most of us who started the party were former SNCC members.” -Elmer Dixon, from an interview with Anisa Jackson
Black Panther Headquarters Gathering Place 173 20th Ave, Seattle, WA “We were situated in one of the oldest parts of the Central District, the heart of what we would call the lumpenproletariat—the people who led the bottom of the rung. We were positioned effectively. The Odessa Brown Clinic hadn’t been built yet, but in that spot was one of the first Black-owned grocery stores in the CD, Black Front. Garfield High School, were Aaron and I had gone, was only a few blocks away. It was in a strategic location. [...] We were a tight-knit group of Panthers and therefore were achieving important milestones for our chapter. We started the free medical clinic, were running five breakfast programs and the bussing to prisons program (where people from the community could visit their family members and loved ones who were incarcerated), and were working to establish the free food bank. I have an affinity for that era of the party and that building. We were doing a lot of community organizing with that small core group; we also had extensive support groups that we worked with. It was a time of a lot of organizing and community service, yet at the same time we had to maintain our military operations for defense mechanisms.” -Elmer Dixon, from an interview with Anisa Jackson
Black panther HQ #3 / free clinic Gathering Place 47.60351546919698, -122.30755090713501 Third and last Black panther HQ / free clinic. Breakfast for kids was hosted as well.
Blackbird Bistro Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2329 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 After The Globe, The Green Cat and all my other favorite brunch places closed one after the other, The Blackbird became like some sort of last hope for brunch... and then they closed too!
Bleu Bistro Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.6201238898154,-122.32068032026291 While there is currently a Bleu Bistro Grotto on Olive a half block below Broadway, it pales in comparison to the charm, private booths, and creepy intimacy of the original Bleu Bistro. RIP to the best wasabi grilled cheese ever.
Bluma's Deli Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2509 E Cherry Now home to “The Barbecue Pit.” Originally a deli run by brothers Guenter and Herbert Mannhalt that catered to Garfield students. After rumors that the Mannhalt brothers were selling drugs and alcohol to minors, the racially diverse community launched a campaign against the business. The Black Panther Party led an occupation of the building, the deli was firebombed, and the Urban League pressured the city to revoke the deli’s business license. The brothers were convicted of grand larceny, sent to jail, and lost their business. They went on to run the infamous Donut Shop near Pike Place Market, and were again busted for implicating young people in crime. Still, decades later, Garfield alumni fondly recalled the site as a favorite hangout.
Boat Street Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 516 1st Ave N Seattle, WA 98109 Now catering only
Boeing Company Stores & Shops 7755 E Marginal Way S Former Seattle based aerospace company.
Booth Fisheries Other Business 2501 Elliott Ave, Seattle, WA “I was a teenage dues-paying longshoreman for three months at the twilight of Booth Fisheries on Seattle’s central waterfront. At seventeen, I did not yet appreciate that working with [...] the other longshoremen meant doing a job that had not changed during the forty-five year history of Booth Fishery operations. Change was on the way, however, as developers discovered Belltown, and the fishing industry evolved to large fish processing vessels with onboard freezing capabilities. Fish would eventually flow directly to retailers from processing plants on the sea, leaving another good-paying job without a life. In 1963 Booth became a division of Consolidated Foods and moved to Pier 24, where Brad Hall led their entry into packaged frozen foods.” -Tom Giske, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Brenner Brothers Bakery Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1816 E Yesler Way, Seattle, WA “This is all my dad recalls about his dad being Jewish: The Brenner Brothers Bakery used to be across the street from Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, on 18th & Yesler, where Home of Good BBQ is today. But by the time my dad went to get bagels on a rare outing with his father, Brenner Brothers had moved to Cherry & MLK. When I moved here, my dad pointed out this building. It is now King’s Deli, where my kids like to go get soft serve ice cream. Brenner Brothers moved to the suburbs in the 1970s, along with my parents.” -Rachel Kessler, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Broadview Elementary Other Business 47.71998305315886, -122.35625982284546 Broadview Elementary School 1914-1981. Demolished in 1989, now site of Ida Culver House
Broadway Video Stores & Shops 512 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102 Indie video store with films organized by genre and then director. Also rented porn. Rumor was if a customer returned a porno with a dirty case, they shamed him/her by making them clean the case with windex at the counter.
Bubbleator Gathering Place 47.62129360365917, -122.35071569681168 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Bubbleator was a large, bubble-shaped hydraulic elevator with transparent acrylic glass walls operated from an elevated chair built for the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle. These transparent walls gave the illusion of looking through an actual 'soap bubble' by refracting light to obtain a rainbow-like effect for the riders inside. It was originally part of the Washington State Coliseum (now a sports venue known as KeyArena), where it lifted 100 passengers at a time up one floor through a structure of interlocking aluminum cubes to the "World of Tomorrow" exhibit. T. C. Howard of Synergetics, Inc. designed the Bubbleator and the exhibit. After the fair, the Bubbleator was relocated to the Center House at Seattle Center. By 1984, it had been removed and put in storage to make way for the Seattle Children's Museum.
Buckaroo Tavern Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4201 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
Bush Garden Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 614 Maynard St, Seattle, WA “When I’m in Seattle, I usually go to Bush Garden. Bush Garden is where I can forget about representing something, I can just be myself. If you aren’t Japanese American, you wouldn’t understand. There’s a group of us that gathers there from 5:30 to 9:30…before the karaoke starts. It used to be that it was all Japanese folk songs. The woman who runs it—it’s just a two-person operation—she must operate on a shoestring. I think she only does it because it’s still a place for us, for the community.” -Roger Shimomura, in an interview with Ghosts of Seattle Past. The Bush Garden Restaurant had its last night of service on October 30, 2016, though it promises to keep its karaoke bar open nightly.
Bushell's Auction House Other Business 47.61189899595359, -122.34183222055435 Closed in 2002 after 96 years of operation by the Bushell family.
Byzantion Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.62440909737138, -122.32113361358643 Family Greek restaurant.
Cafe Ambrosia Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2501 Fairview Avenue East, Seattle, WA, United States Short lived high dining vegetarian restaurant
Cafe Corsair Art Galleries & Art Studios 47.6157503383622, -122.34624981880188
Cafe Counter Intelligence Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 94 Pike Street, Seattle, WA, United States Cafe Counter Intelligence was a wonderful place to drink espresso and eat breakfast. My favorite was the "shirred eggs" steamed with the espresso steamer. It's now Matt's in the Market but you can still see the Cafe Counter Intelligence sign inside the restaurant. You sat on tall stools and looked out of those tall Corner Market building windows.
Cafe Minnie's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 101 Denny Way, Seattle, WA 98109 "Caffe Minnie’s, the 24-hour Italian restaurant that was a last – or one of the last – stops for club-goers after closing time"
Cafe Paradiso Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61401817344756, -122.31903612613678 Coffeehouse, they had an all ages open mic and all ages shows on weekends
Cafe Septieme Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 214 Broadway E, Seattle, WA Cafe Septiem moved into space formerly occupied by Andy's Cafe, Cafe Septieme existed before this move in another location. Food was ecclectic, generally good in a very casual but elegant space with lots of regulars.
Canton Alley Gathering Place 47.59801011036722, -122.32308626174927 “Each time I visit Canton Alley in Seattle’s Chinatown–International District, I can feel the past. The memories run deep. The alley is between the historic East and West Kong Yick buildings, constructed in 1911 by a group of Chinese immigrants who pooled their money. Brick by brick, the buildings went up and formed the heart of the community. My psyche is thick with the history. When I was growing up in Chinatown, I’d walk past the Kong Yick Buildings each morning with my mother on the way to our laundry, Re-New Cleaners, on Maynard Avenue." -Dean Wong, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Capitol Club Venues, Theaters, Clubs 414 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122 “After building through the spring into the summer of 2009, what so many of us dub the ‘golden summer,’ it’s not overstating to say that [Jet Set, a Member’s Only show with Swerveone and dj100proof at] Capitol Club was the only place to be on Monday nights. From the first time on, you’d see all the people you wanted to see and all the people you didn’t. Some nights were crazy packed; other nights were dead, but it was a night where you could show up solo and unannounced, or roll deep as hell, and you knew you’d be walking into something. On Monday nights, the second floor of Capitol Club became Seattle hip-hop’s house party. And Seattle hip-hop was, at that point, on the low, booming. Every semblance of our industry was there, knocking back one-dollar Rainiers or violet-colored sangria served in regal glass goblets with slices of citrus.” -Hollis Wong-Wear, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Carmelita Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 7314 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103 This was a vegetarian/vegan mainstay. Always incredible. Closed in 2013 after 17 years. A vegetarian restaurant in Greenwood, serving a seasonal menu inspired by the foods and flavors of the Mediterranean.
Casa Italiana Gathering Place 1520 17th Ave, Seattle, WA Founded in 1919 as the headquarters of many Italian clubs and organizations. Despite its ethnic affiliation, it hosted many Black and mixed-race bands.
Catfish Corner Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.60804736989398,-122.29630775749683 Longstanding fried catfish and other southern foods restaurant in the CD.
CC's Burgers Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61307070197431, -122.29858696460724 Before gourmet burgers became ubiquitous in Seattle, there was a time when CC's was practically the ONLY place to get a hand-formed grilled-to-order burger. The nicest people ever ran this joint. It wasn't fast, but it was worth it. And the conversation while you waited was always good.
Cellophane Square Stores & Shops 47.65790127057926, -122.31343030929565 A truly great used record store, expert staff. The surviving Everyday Music on Capitol Hill is a descendant.
Cha Cha (on E Pine) Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 508 E Pine St Seattle "The Stranger once wrote that the Cha Cha (frequently referred to as, simply, "The Cha") is the best place in Seattle to find hipsters. The atmosphere is dark and smokey with decorations covering every inch of the walls. Features of the bar include a tiki bar, lots of black light, velvet paintings (both the velvet paintings and tables feature famous Mexican wrestlers), and red lighting throughout." From's
Chapel Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61579734830123, -122.32812881469727 Funeral home- turned house vodka-infused martini bar. Now it is the Pine Box.
Charlie's on Broadway Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 217 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102 Charlie's on Broadway
Chez Gaudy Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1802 Bellevue Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States Same owner as Bleu Bistro with equally awesome aesthetic.
China Gate Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 516 7th. Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98101 China Gate was my favorite Dim Sum and karaoke place. We had so many birthday parties there!
China Poultry Stores & Shops 715 S King St, Seattle, WA “Passing China Poultry, I could see the chickens poking their heads out of the cages, waiting to be someone’s dinner.” -Dean Wong, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Chubby & Tubby Stores & Shops 3333 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle
Chuck & Sally's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 6301 CALIFORNIA AVE SW SEATTLE, WA 98136 Bar
Cinema Books Stores & Shops 4753 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 Source for books related to cinema and filmmaking past and present. Rare & collectible books related to actors, directors & movies, plus film scripts, posters & stills.
Cintli Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 202 Broadway Ave E, Seattle, WA Cintli! My fleeting ray of Latin sunshine manifested as a colorful cafe on Broadway & John. It lasted less than a year, but they had cochinita pibil tacos, Mexican hot chocolate, hot pink tea and hand-painted everything. They sold red tin hearts, glass rings, lucky three-legged pig statues, happy little skeletons and mirrors encircled in clay tile. There were sangria parties for every holiday, and the staff was endlessly friendly. It's since been replaced by a Starbucks tea chain called Teavana. So it goes. RIP Cintli.
Cirque Dinner Theatre Venues, Theaters, Clubs 131 Taylor Avenue North, Seattle, WA, United States The Cirque Playhouse ran from 1950-1981. In 1973, the 500-seat Cirque Dinner Theatre debuted as the "only professional dinner-theater on the West Coast," moving into a remodeled bowling alley.
City Kitchens Stores & Shops 1527 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 Wonderful boutique kitchen supply shop. You knew you were getting the good stuff here, they were so careful to stock really quality gear.
clarks' top notch Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.661124176538294, -122.31508255004883 family restaurant a little like denny's, except not horrible. ideal for after a movie at the neptune
Clark's Round the Clock Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1001 Olive Way, Seattle, WA
Coffee Messiah Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1554 E Olive Way Seattle, WA 98102 One of the funkiest coffee shops you would have ever been to.
Coffee to a Tea with Sugar Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.56172247383757, -122.38709047436714 Cupcakes, cakes, coffee, and deli items with a play area in back for parents and kids.
Coliseum Theater Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1512 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 Seattle’s first theatre built to show movies. On the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Now home to a Banana Republic.
Confounded Books Stores & Shops 315 E Pine St Seattle, WA 98122 "Confounded Books, the excellent small press/zine/comic bookseller that shares space with Wall of Sound (315 E. Pine Street), announced yesterday that it is going out of business." from Slog article:
Continental Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.66273374837826, -122.3133310675621 This was the place for grilled feta cheese sandwiches with oregano-dusted French fries. Or feta cheese omelettes. Or Greek salads. Old men sat by the pastry case and smoked. College and high school students ate cheap. George and Helen Lagos, who migrated from Greece in the late 1960s, ran the restaurant from the mid-1970s until it closed in 2013 after forty years.
Cool Hand Luke's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61238359360249, -122.2894835472107 Southern + Chinese restaurant, heart and soul of the old Madrona. Fresh herbs were picked from the restaurant's own garden plot, well before farm to table was a thing.
Costas Opa Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 3400 Fremont Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
Cthulhu Building Art Galleries & Art Studios 47.6136059169773, -122.31383800506592 Now condos
Cyber Dogs Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 909 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101
Cyclops Cafe/ old Belltown Pea Patch/ SCUD (Subterranean Cooperative of Urban Dreamers) Gathering Place 47.61398562700228, -122.34966158866882 As I recall, the old Cyclops was on the ground floor of a building that functioned as an artist collective called SCUD (Subterranean Cooperative of Urban Dreamers). I may not have the details correct. There was a legendary Seattleite named Pugmire that worked there and the building was covered with copper and tin jello/food molds. The beautiful Belltown Pea Patch was right next door. This area was a little oasis in Belltown. There was a cool little coffee shop nearby too with a mural by Ed Fotheringham, but I can't remember what it was called.
Dad Watson's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.65149822595269, -122.35006928443909 One of the McMenamin's locations. I used to live a few blocks away in the mid to late 90s. Afternoons it was a quiet place to read, evenings it was a fun gathering spot. I still regret never getting the courage to ask one of the bartenders out.
Dag's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.57525547757546, -122.29628026485443 Where Franklin Quaker's would get their burger and ice cream fix!
Dag's Burgers Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.58819162685124, -122.3291802406311 A longtime cheap burger joint with locations all over Seattle, it was the SODO location where my kids and I would stop by before a Mariners game to buy a "Bag O' Dags" burgers and fries to sneak into the baseball game for inexpensive eats. We could go to more games in a season by partaking of the Dags deal. It was a bag of, I'm not sure, six cheeseburgers and orders of fries … all we had to buy in the Kingdome was drinks and treats. After Dick's, Dag's was my favorite cheap'n'quick burger place. I remember the food fondly and was sad when the invasion of McDonalds and Burger King and Jack In The Box slowly killed off By's and Dags and Herfys. (I have marked the location close as memory serves, could be off a block or so)
Dag's Drive In Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.626424125848565, -122.34325110912323 In 1955 Ed and Boe Messet opened a flashy 19-cent hamburger joint they named Dag’s, a nickname for their father.
David Ishii's Bookstore Stores & Shops 212 First Ave South, Seattle, WA "When we walked in, I knew that David Ishii’s store was my kind of bookstore. “Let me know if I can help you find anything,” said the older Japanese American man sitting behind the desk. I shook my head, shyly, but he seemed content to be reading his newspaper. I think now that he knew just what he was doing." From submission to Ghosts
Deano's/Club Chocolate City Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61803388771693, -122.30457231402397
Deluxe Junk Stores & Shops 47.651505453307955, -122.35122799873352 Amazing thrift store with loads of character.
Des Amis Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1013 E Pike St, Seattle, WA
Ditto Tavern Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.616240927257266, -122.34312772750854 Early breeding ground for the so-called 'grunge years.' Early performances by Soundgarden, Nirvana, Green River took place here.
Doghouse Bar & Grill Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 714 Denny Way, Seattle, WA
Dons Hobbies Stores & Shops 47.66484860716801, -122.29810140095651 Hobby Shop frequented by Bill Nye
Dreamland Stores & Shops 47.62490201499991, -122.32101559638977 For Levi's, punk gear, leather, vintage, bumperstickers, and (occasionally) a hand knit Norwegian sweater that someone traded for any of the items before.
Dubliner Pub (The Old "Dub") Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 3411 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103 The now-defunct location (which also included Noodles and The Red Door -- physically moved a few blocks over) of the Dubliner Pub. Though the pub was opened in a new location, it was unable to replicate the atmosphere and collect the diverse and family-like group of patrons that gathered there from the late 1990s to 2001.
Dunkin Donuts Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.577104728556726, -122.29670405387878 Where Franklin High School Scholars would get breakfast or afternoon snack. Where Southenders would fulfill their sweet tooth and a kid was rewarded for doing great.
Dunn Lumber Other Business 47.617316108207746, -122.30555534362793 Nobody believes me now when I tell them there was a lumber yard on Madison, but there it was.
Eagle Ballroom Venues, Theaters, Clubs Pine St & 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 Best Mexican dances in the 80s
Easy Street Records Stores & Shops 20 Mercer Street, Seattle, WA 98109 Amazing selection of CDs and vinyl from decades ago to contemporary Seattle music.
Ed Johnson's Fuel Store Stores & Shops 2200 E Madison St, Seattle, WA Ed Johnson opened his first fuel business on Madison Street in 1930, and moved to its longtime location at 2200 E. Madison a few years later. He operated the store for over 60 years. (Remembered at Roots Family Picnic)
Edge of the Circle Stores & Shops 701 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA, United States Your friendly local occult shop.
El Pilón Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 5303 Rainier Ave., Seattle, WA Marta Vega's second Puerto Rican Restaurant
El Puerco Lloron Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1501 Western Ave, Seattle, WA Mexican restaurant in Pike Place Market
Elemental at Gasworks Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.64732064724636, -122.3363471031189 The best meal in Seattle left us in June of 2012. A no menu tasting menu with wine pairing at a reasonable price in a space with just the right amount of attitude. This was the best night out in town when it was open.
Elliot Bay Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 103 S Main St Seattle, WA 98104 Charming underground cafe in the basement of the old Elliot Bay Book Company
Elliott Bay Book Company & Cafe Stores & Shops 103 S Main St., Seattle, WA 98104
Empire Hobbies and Crafts Stores & Shops 6740 Martin Luther King Junior Way South, Seattle, WA, United States Long Time South End crafts store, closed early 80s.
Empty Space Theatre Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.650786326558254, -122.35000222921371 Fantastic fringe theatre that survived for 36 years.
Entros Venues, Theaters, Clubs 823 Yale Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States
Espresso Roma Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.62010761849545, -122.32072591781616 One of the coolest, grimiest, artist dense espresso shops ever in Seattle. Affordable, unpretentious coffees. A rag tag crew of espresso jerks who we punks, grunge musicians, hip hop heads, hippies, philosophers, and politcal radicals. The owners lived in California so we did what the f**k we wanted with the shop. It was all good! -IW.
Faces Disco Other Business 47.61603685749303, -122.34672179820336 Faces in the spring of 1978 was a teenie bop disco. They had a dance floor exactly like the one in the movie Saturday Night Fever. I rode the bus from Ballard my first time there. On the bus, a cute girl looked at me then asked if I was going to Faces. I was too inexperienced (and I didn't have a car) so that was a lost opportunity to "hit on" a young lady.
Faire Gallery Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops,Art Galleries & Art Studios 1351 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122 Live music, spoken word, art shows, and a real sense of community in the heart of the Hill. Faire Gallery was a cafe with a full-stocked bar and all-ages gallery that featured art, music, and experimental genres. The first time I went there, I wasn't yet 21 but that was ok. I went to watch a popular yet cultish TV show that was playing on the upper floor with a couple friends. They did open mic and held shows weekly. The next time I went there was with a comedian friend who introduced me to the bartender and all the patrons, ended up staying there for almost three hours. It was a great place to chill, see really different art, and be welcomed by everyone there.
Fallout Records Stores & Shops 1506 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA Records, skateboards, comics
FAO Schwarz Stores & Shops 47.61092255421544, -122.33456611633301 This place was magical as a kid. There was a giant strip of piano keys that made music when stepped on and a robotic dinosaur head that loomed over the stuffed animal section. Floors and floors of toys.
Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour Restaurantf Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.72344029954134, -122.3458206653595 Favorite place for a kid in the 70's to go for their birthday!
Fatima Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2401 E Union St, Seattle, WA “I miss Fatima, a Somali cafécafe on the corner of 24th & Union. We used to go there often for amazing chai, sambusas, sweet bread, and great conversation with Fatima, her husband, and the other customers who were nearly always engaged in some great wide-ranging debate around the state of the world. International news was always on the TV. Many of the customers attended the mosque next door. That mosque is now a weed shop, and Fatima is turning into condos. I’m sure both have dumb yet idiosyncratic names. If I remember correctly, Fatima owned the building and sold it; so hopefully they made some good money, but that place has been missed.” -from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Feedback Lounge Venues, Theaters, Clubs 6451 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA, United States Rock n' Roll bar, best live music venue in West Seattle, winner of Best of Western Wa 2010 & 2011 Best Cocktail awards! Coolest neighborhood hang out! Community/ charitable leader!
Fillipi's Books Stores & Shops 1351 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA, United States I wish more documentation of this bookstore existed, it was everything you dream a bookstore could be. Huge, labyrinthine, books books books and bricks, just amazing.
Five Loaves Deli and Bakery Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2719 E Madison, Seattle, Wa Seventh Day Adventist run vegetarian deli with all you could eat brunch.
Flynn's Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 3923 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA, United States The closing of Flynn's Cafe was the death of old Seattle. All cooking was done on a old cast iron diesel burning stove from Alaska. Barb's husband was a truck driver. This place was in a number of movies as you truly did step back in time stepping into Flynn's. R.I.P
Food Giant Other Business 4500 Wallingford Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103 Wonderful grocery store that was part of a small local chain. Replaced by QFC in the late 1990s.
Foot Bridge Gathering Place 47.57981153786044, -122.33768820762634 Wooden foot bridge that connected Colorado Ave to East Marginal Way over the train tracks. Removed in the early 80's.
Four Angels Coffee Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 14th and Union, Seattle WA Divey little cafe with old furniture and couches, nice hippie vibe, good place to hang out, gone gone gone.
Francine Seders Gallery Art Galleries & Art Studios 6701 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA In the Seattle art scene it is known that Pioneer Square is where the majority of arts patrons go to see, and sometimes buy, local art. Yet Francine Seders, a slight, bright-eyed French woman, chose to be tucked away among Craftsmans and stroller brigades. She desired to distance herself from the hustle and gossip of the Pioneer Square galleries. Doing so meant that people didn’t just wander in to the gallery. They showed up intentionally, because of her incredible roster of artists, her enigmatic personality, and the warmth of the gallery space itself. The Francine Seders Gallery closed its doors in 2013 after forty-seven years. In an interview with Ghosts of Seattle Past, Seders said: “I think there is absolutely no reason why people of all income[s] should not appreciate and have art around them. There’s absolutely no reason, so it has to be affordable enough that they can feel [able to][…] and for some of them it was kind of a sacrifice to buy art. They did it because they felt they needed to. I mean, to me art is a need. It’s not something you just have for display, for decoration. For some reason it pleases me—it makes me feel happy to just sit down and look at some of my paintings that I know by heart. I always discover something new.”
FranGlor’s Creole Café Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 525 S Jackson Street, Seattle, WA Seattle’s first Creole restaurant owned by Frances Emery and and long time companion Gloria Lacey. A hole-in-the-wall place with killer red beans, gumbos, jambalaya, cornbread, and the most incredible selection of blues and soul on the jukebox. The bathroom was deep downstairs. It was like going into the underground tour.
Frederick & Nelsons Stores & Shops 47.61221723969187, -122.33595013618469 Local department store chain, home of the Frango.
Free Sheep Foundation Art Galleries & Art Studios 47.61584435819803, -122.34641075134277
Fremont Classic Tavern Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 3507 Fremont Pl N, Seattle, WA 98103 Prior to the Triangle and others since, it was a total die on your barstool kind of place. There was an ambulance out front half the days of the week.
Fremont Fine Arts Foundry Art Galleries & Art Studios 154 N 35th St Seattle, WA 98103 Brainchild and labor of love of Peter Bevis--the same visionary who retrieved the Kalakala from Alaska--the Fremont Fine Arts Foundry was a live/work space for about 20 artists in all media with a foundry in back capable of casting large-scale fine art metal sculptures. A garden with firepit in the sideyard was a community gathering place, shielded from view by the corn Pete planted in the grass parking strip. (One time, two transients showed up with a full keg of beer they had "found." Lacking a tap, they used a nail and rock to extract the contents, which they shared with anyone who happened by.) A bullet-riddled Chrysler sat in back, testament to Fremont's wilder days when the gunfire of target practice wasn't enough to attract the authorities. Attached Gallery 154 showcased all manner of art, but the most striking pieces I saw there were Bevis's own bronze lifecastings of roadkill and Exxon Valdez oilspill victims, including an adult moose. Financial difficulties incurred by the Kalakala quest forced the sale of the FFAF. The building is now a catering hall, its artistic heritage reduced to a marketing tool. photo:
Funhouse | Zak's 5th Avenue | Tex's Tavern Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.62001270236152, -122.34748765826225 The Funhouse was a punk rock institution from 2003 to 2012. Even if you didn't enjoy it's basketball court/patio, or take in one of the incredibly diverse live shows, you were probably creeped out by Spike, the venue's 10 foot tall clown head mascot. Prior to being The Funhouse, this venue operated for a decade as Zak's 5th Avenue, and as Tex's Tavern from 1935-1993.
G&O Family Cyclery Stores & Shops 8554 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA “Long ago, 85th Ave was the northern-most border of the city of Seattle. The Tacoma–Everett Interurban electric streetcar line ran right by there from 1899 to 1939. I have seen the tintypes and daguerreotype pictures of gold-rush–looking dudes in bowler hats and leather aprons, standing in front of haberdasheries and fish markets at this address. Just before we moved in, it was a florist, and they had converted one of the picture windows into an enormous cage for a dove. From the day we opened, I loved to sweep the sidewalk in front of the shop, as did the owners of the café next door to us. We often spoke of how much we appreciated each other as neighboring businesses. We each took pictures of our lovely block in the afternoon light. We felt blessed.” -Davey Oil, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology. In the spring of 2016, a gas explosion leveled Davey’s store as well as the cafe next door:
Galway Traders Stores & Shops 7518 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117 Irish import shop
Garde Rail Art Gallery Art Galleries & Art Studios 47.60131194828144, -122.33008950948715 Outsider, Self-Taught and Folk Art Gallery. It has since moved to Austin, TX. I'm not able to remember precisely when its location in Seattle. 2009?
Gary's Games Stores & Shops 47.683418922656735, -122.3298454284668 Store that sold board and role playing games. They had s board where you could get groups together, and they ran ganes as demonstrations. Made many friends there.
Gastropod Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 3201 First Ave S, Ste 104, Seattle, WA 98134 Was my favorite restaurant in the city... this place didn't know how good we had it!
Georgetown Elementary School Other Business 47.55180304849531,-122.32209384441376 The grand elm trees are all that remain of the Georgetown Elementary School
Georgetown Pharmacy Stores & Shops 6111 13th Ave S, Seattle, WA, United States Jack Cordova pharmacist... man that place had everything. It was a shame when they closed. Nothing but Bartlell's and other lifeless chainstores now.
Gibson's Bar and Grill Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61090447178911, -122.34076201915741 Another legendary vanished Seattle dive bar and live music (mostly punk) venue. Address was 116 Stewart St., but from what I remember this was more the corner of 2nd Ave than 1st, the latter of which was just a parking lot. This closed down after the bldg was damaged during the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake. Just a block from another terrific departed dive bar, the Nitelite Lounge.
Gideon's Drugstore Stores & Shops 47.618596171582894, -122.30314135551453 Alvin Kendrick, in an interview with Ghosts of Seattle Past, recalled, “There was a Gideon over on Madison Street. He had a drugstore, but he was a nationally known person. What he did is 33rd degree as a Mason, but then you know he transferred into a higher group. They knew him all over the United States. And he had a drugstore over on Madison.”
Gil's Drive In Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61362761476728, -122.31883764266968 Gil Centioli owned 3 fast food drive-ins known as Gil's Hamburgers, he later became the first Kentucky Fried Chicken operator in the area and this location was later converted to a Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Glamorama Gathering Place 47.650363518771364, -122.34974473714828 90's eclectic zany artsy gift shop and hippie wedding ceremony destination.
Golden Gardens Parking/Cruising Lot Gathering Place Golden Gardens Park Road, Seattle, WA, United States 1978 - 1980: If you were young, "the Gardens" was the best place in the Seattle area to cruise with a car. Everybody was there to meet/hook-up with the other gender. Apparently it had been a cruising place for decades by then. SPD would shut it down occasionally if it got too rowdy, then eventually Seattle ended cruising there for good by blocking off half the parking lot, along with more of a police presence.
Golden Pheasant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.599695781110064, -122.32650339603424 Old school Chinese Food with downstairs banquet area
Gom Hong Grocery Store Stores & Shops 516 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA "My mother would send me to the Gom Hong Grocery Store to buy pork shoulder, cut and trimmed to order." -Dean Wong, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Gorilla Gardens Venues, Theaters, Clubs 307 Nickerson Street, Seattle, WA This is where Gorilla Gardens moved to in 1985. After being at this location for only a few months, a "riot" (5 kids throwing snowballs at cop cars) happened after the SPD and Fire Marshall shut down the Circle Jerks in their first song. The owner was arrested and the venue was closed the next day.
Gorilla Gardens/Omni Room Venues, Theaters, Clubs 410 Fifth Avenue S, Seattle, WA 1982-1983 All Ages Club. Considered the birthplace of Grunge. One of the most colorful and storied histories in Seattle music. This was a 2 screen theater turned into a venue. One side punk/new wave, one side metal. Shows happened at the same time, and there was a single cover charge for both. People would go see both shows. This united the metal and punk scenes in Seattle. Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth, The Violent Femmes...a massive list of bands that played there. Guns n' Roses played their first show ever there. Gorilla Gardens moved to 307 Nickerson Street and operated until Nov. 26th 1985, when the Circle Jerks show was shut down in the first song by the SPD and Fire Marshall. Pissed kids moved into the streets and threw snowballs at cops, who responded violently and arrested 6, including the club owner Tony Chu, and the club was evicted the next day.
Gospel Church Gathering Place 47.612423518493216, -122.34291411667072 Before the Cristalla was built, the old Crystal Pool Building housed a church. On Sundays I would walk by and there would be incredibly beautiful live gospel music spilling out onto the beautiful corner steps; after services there would be crowds of well-dressed people cheerfully visiting on those steps.
Gravity Bar Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 417 Broadway E Seattle, WA 98102 Along with The Globe this was the go-to hangover place in the 90s/early 00s, but this place had those juices that actually made you feel better and ready to live, whereas The Globe's biscuits and gravy just helped knock you out for the rest of the day. I understand Gravity Bar was lost to a combination of the QFC expansion into the building after Kroger purchased the franchise, mixed with internal politics.
Green Cat Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1514 e Olive Way, Seattle, WA, United States A wonderful vegetarian cafe, where I first tasted scrambled eggs mixed with pesto (Green Eggs), a love affair which continues until this day. It took a while to get your food, but it was oh so good! Also, best tofu scramble in the city.
Grub Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 7 Boston St Seattle, WA 98109
Guido's Pizza Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.67475067808509, -122.3023796081543 Seriously cool pizza guys who threw the dough. Sparkling limeade from scratch.
H. Salt Fish & Chips Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.57608059175755, -122.29695618152618 "Authentic English style Fish & Chips"
Harvard Exit Cinema Venues, Theaters, Clubs Boylston Ave E, Seattle, WA, United States
Harvey's Tavern Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4354 Leary Way Northwest, Seattle, WA, United States
Healthy Times Fun Club Gathering Place 1100 E Pike St The entrance was actually on 11th, but I suppose it doesn't matter anymore. Home to Jake, Rebecca, and our beloved friend Grr - among others. They would host community meetings, shows, and delicious vegan meals. Some of the first and best people I ever met in Seattle.
Heinz Public Market Coffee Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.63954461862047,-122.32600048184395 Amazing baristas, delicious roasts, and an eclectically decorated space between the fly fishing shop and a Greek restaurant. Replaced by new construction.
Herr Lumber Stores & Shops 3310 Harbor Ave SW Local home improvement store location.
Hi Score Arcade Stores & Shops 612 e Pine Street, Seattle, WA, United States Small arcade - when I was under 21 and everyone else went to a show or the bars I'd hang out here until the show got out or the bars closed.
Hidmo Eritrean Cuisine Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.59949321410647,-122.30604887008661 Hidmo was the best.
Hillside Improvement Company/Lester Apartments Other Business 47.576952737788744, -122.32024312019348 Site of world's largest bordello established by Seattle Mayor Hiram Gill 1911.
Hill's Brothers BBQ (aka Dirty Brothers BBQ) Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 22nd and cherry, seattle wa "There was the Dirty Brothers Barbecue that’s no longer there, everybody used to go there – there was a restaurant that never really caught on but he had a little extension to his restaurant, it was a little shack and it had a little window, and you’d go up and order a BBQ sandwich, they were using real cherry wood and coal, and he’d put your sandwich together then he’d do like this and smash it down – so it wasn’t an official sandwich unless you had that hand print on it. Oh yeah, absolutely that the was life, that was how we did things back then. Well it was Hills Brothers, but we called it Dirty Brothers cause of the hand print.” - From Ghosts submission.
Hing Loon Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 628 S Weller St, Seattle, WA 98104 Hing Loon was a staple for familiar Cantonese dishes for my family. It was the kind of place that had all these menu items written on paper posted on the walls and live seafood in small tanks.
Hoagie's Corner Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.52111697228323, -122.37684041261673 Staple of many West Seattle diets in the 70s and 80s, this was what existed before there were Quiznos and Subway.
Holiday House Travel Service Stores & Shops 201 Harvard Ave E, Seattle WA 98102 House built in 1902, showcased use of local wood. Spectacular view revealed when the west wall of the 3rd floor was replaced by windows. (remember the flyby of Pan Am 747 anniversary and waiving to Blue Angel pilot as they left town) Travel Agency merged with others in 1988, vacated the building about a year later. Now a pre-school.
Home of the Real Butcher Stores & Shops 47.49557968494927, -122.29562629370776 A small grocery that would cut and slice select meats and cheeses.
Honey Bear Bakery Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.668732624791915, -122.33385801315308 Classic Seattle bakery, beloved for its large wood carved bear standing guard in front.
Hong Kong Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.598004684300754, -122.32519179582596 This was the best Chinese restaurant back in the 70s.
Horace Mann Elementary School Gathering Place 2410 E Cherry, Seattle WA Opened in 1902 as Walla Walla School, renamed Horace Mann (after the “Father of Free Schools”) in 1921. Closed in 1968 and thereafter used as an extension of Garfield High School. Home to several alternative education programs in the 1970, it is now the site of Nova (Alternative) High School.
Hugo House Gathering Place 1634 11th Ave, Seattle, WA, United States Hugo House, founded in 1997, is a center for local writers and readers to find a community and create work together. The organization takes its name from Seattle-born poet and creative writing teacher Richard Hugo, who wrote about people and places that are often overlooked. The building, a Victorian 4-plex originally built in 1902, was previously occupied by the New City Theater and Manning’s Funeral Parlor. The building’s owners, pressured by rabid gentrification in the neighborhood but determined to keep the literary center on Capitol Hill, demolished the building in June 2016 to make way for a mixed-use structure built around a new Hugo House space on the ground floor. During construction, Hugo House is camping out on First Hill in a site owned by the Frye Art Museum, and continues to sponsor satellite events all over town.
Hula Hula Tini Bigs Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 102 1st Ave N, Seattle, WA, United States Was torn down last week.
I-90 Ramps Gathering Place 47.590622904166764, -122.28646874427795 Conveniently located access ramps for I-90.
Imperial Lanes Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.58432378183733, -122.30532467365265 The last of South Seattle's bowling alleys closed in 2015.
Inay's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2503 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA, United States Inay's was one of the oldest Filipino restaurants in Seattle. They were known for having their exquisite drag shows on Friday that spotlighted Atasha Manila, who also worked the restaurant outside of their shows. Kuya Ernie, the owner, was well known and beloved by the community.
Informal poster wall on the Sunset Electric building Gathering Place 1111 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122
International District Emergency Center Other Business 547 Canton Alley S, Seattle, WA Donnie Chin founded and ran the IDEC for years until his still-unsolved murder in 2015.
Irene's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.62120682516921,-122.32086539268494 The greasiest of greasy spoons on the hill. The styrofoam ceiling tiles were so dirty from smoke they may as well have been black. You'll find their original tables being used at Queen of Sheba, still stained brown from years of second hand smoke.
Italian Spaghetti House Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 9824 Lake City Way NE., Seattle, WA Best old-time Italian American restaurant in Seattle
Ivar's Captain's Table Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 15th Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States
Jabu's Pub Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 174 Roy Street, Seattle, WA, United States Jabu's was a glorious dive bar. All the freaky people make the beauty of the world.
Jafco Catalog Showroom Stores & Shops 47.62426567998711, -122.33813881874084 From Wikipedia: Jafco Co. was a multimillion-dollar chain of catalog showroom retail stores founded by Sidney Z. Jaffe in 1957 in Seattle, Washington. The company sold a wide variety of items from stereo and photographic equipment to holiday gifts. Jafco sent catalogs to all of their clients following for pickup at their stores or by mail-order. Though retail locations stocked the more common items, Jafco's usual technique of processing orders started with customers ordering through mail and picking it up at the store.
James Washington's House Gathering Place 1816 26th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 Chip Brooks, a member of Claude’s Breakfast Club, recalled in an interview: “As soon as I was born [my family] moved over to Seattle; my dad started working for the railroad and we moved next door—right next door—to James Washington, the Black sculptor. As a matter of fact, his house is right now considered a national monument. They tore my folks’ house down, but his house is still there.” The building is now home to the Dr. James W. Washington, Jr. & Janie Rogella Washington Foundation.
Jay Jacobs Stores & Shops 1530 5th Ave, Seattle, WA, United States Iconic clothing store. Jay Jacobs flagship store was at the corner of 5th and Pine for over 50 years
Jefferson Park Golf Course Clubhouse Gathering Place 4101 Beacon ave S.
Jimmie Woo's Jade Pagoda Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.62445368886531, -122.32070714235306 One of the greatest dive bars in the history of Seattle. The bar was actually in the back of the Chinese restaurant. Some other people might have more memories of the restaurant - mine are only of the bar. The decor was amazing - seedy in that perfect Chinese back-bar kind of way. Featuring one the surliest bartenders ever, but also one of the greatest. He would walk around the bar banging a heavy chain against tables at last call.
Jordan Drug and Grocery Ctr Stores & Shops 2518 E Cherry St, Seattle, WA 98122 o Alvin Kendrick, member of Claude’s Breakfast Club, recalled, “There used to be a Japanese drugstore on the corner of Martin Luther King and Cherry. George Jordan purchased that, took the license down the street, this store was so successful there’s a row of buildings on the east side of Garfield Park. I think that was one of his first major purchases. I don’t know how many buildings that was, but then [he purchased some others] also. So he became a multi-millionaire. But George—George started out as a longshoreman. I used to work with him.” The site is now home to Tana Market, a grocery store.
Kidd Valley Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 531 Queen Anne Avenue North, Seattle, WA, United States My guilty pleasure...
Kiddyland / Woodland Rides Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.665875070802954, -122.35079348087311 Woodland Park Zoo's amusement park closed in 1980.
Kincora Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.615354368352136, -122.32463523745537 Solid place to drink. No one cared about much of anything here. Great metal night.
KING 5 TV station Other Business 47.62146716020692, -122.34311699867249 Former headquarters of Dorothy Bullitt's media empire including KING 5 Television, KING AM and FM radio and National Mobile Television--one of the pioneers in the business. Original building was a furniture store. Expanded in the 1980s. Scheduled for demolition mid-2016
King Cat Theater Venues, Theaters, Clubs 2130 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States Former movie theater turned live music venue that hosted some incredible shows in the'90's &'00's.
King Cobra Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.6141971785345, -122.3199936747551 Next door to The Comet used to be another venue, King Cobra, which only lived for about a year -- a sort of swan song for Kincora. It took over the space from Sugar after a shooting in 2007. Photo circa Mar. 1st, 2009 at 12:03 AM (which I found in a LiveJournal post, another ghost from the past!)
Kingdome Gathering Place 201 S King St, Seattle, WA The Kingdome was a multi-purpose stadium used by Seattle teams such as the Seahawks, Mariners, Supersonics, and Sounders. It was established in 1976, where the CenturyLink Field is now, and held several major sporting events as well as smaller concerts and venues. In the 1990s, the Seahawks’ and Mariners’ respective ownership groups began to question the sustainability of the Kingdome. They argued that it was not providing enough profit and that the deteriorating infrastructure was a liability. Finally, the Mariners moved to Safeco Field in 1999 and the Seahawks took temporary refuge in the Husky Stadium until CenturyLink Field opened in 2002.
Kingfish Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.62335455046007, -122.30705469846725 Neighborhood fixture serving soul food for almost 20 years. Nicest people ever, best food.
Kinko's One Seattle Other Business 4130 University Ave NE, Seattle, WA “The U-Dist. was a petri dish just then… So many up-and-coming musicians worked there, the place became notoriously known as the ‘rock+roll kinko’s’ [...] With all those bored creative types working there, the shift log-book soon became a repository for cartoons, in-jokes, détourned news articles, etc.” -Mark Campos, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Kit Kat Club Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.65076103046213, -122.34554171562195 Short-lived but fondly remembered avant-garde performance venue circa 1980, run by a group of women. Didn't have a liquor license, but served anyway, which explains the short-lived part.
KitchyKoo Stores & Shops 47.676202709462395, -122.31181025505066 Punk rock attire store across from Roosevelt High school, late seventies to early eighties. I remember it as a cramped, fascinating cubbyhole of exotic punkness which was a dream to this young boy from suburbs. Charles Peterson
Kite Shop Stores & Shops 47.649185420898924, -122.34246253967285 This place sold everything kite related.
Labuznik Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.610163086925986,-122.34113484621048 Fine dining with a Czech pedigree, presided over by the late Peter Cipra
Lake City Elementary School Other Business 47.718991308693404, -122.29951500892639 Lake City Elementary School - the building is still there, but it's a business/medical center now.
Lake Union Pub Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.62346301909365, -122.33450442552567 The Lake Union Pub was the grimiest punk venue around. Legendary shows happened here including a few punk "riots".
Lake Union Pub Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.62548049465323,-122.33462512493134 Dive bar Punk rock venue that featured a floor covered in PBR and vomit
Larry's Market Stores & Shops 100 Mercer Street, Seattle, WA, United States Former local grocery chain, now a condo building
Leilani Lanes Gathering Place 47.703018290683495, -122.35539078712463 Tiki themed bowling alley, 1961-2006.
Lincoln High School Gathering Place 4400 Interlake Ave N Former home of Lincoln High School 1907-1981
Linc's Fishing Tackle Stores & Shops 501 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144
Little Uncle Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 88 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA, United States
Log House Museum Gathering Place 3003 61st Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 Merrilee Hagen, former president of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society and often called the “mother of the log house,” told the Ghosts team about the museum’s background in an interview: “[The Log House Museum] was originally the carriage house for the homestead. And [Stevens] St wasn’t there. When the city annexed with Seattle they just extended the grid from Downtown across West Seattle and put the same streets in. Well, there was no street there. It was all one property all the way to Admiral Way. When they put the street through, the carriage house was sitting in the middle of the street. So they had to pick it up and move it up and put it on a foundation, and that’s when they converted it to a house... There used to be eight of those original log houses down there, including the homestead, and our log house. And then there’s still one—the end of 59th & Andover. And I grew up two doors away from that one. And as I was growing up and selling real estate I saw them getting bulldozed, one after the other. We got down to those three, [the museum, the Alki Homestead Restaurant, and the one on 59th & Andover,] and I went to the Historic Society board and I said, ‘We have got to stop this.’ [After a lot of fundraising] we closed on it. And the inspector came in. He said, ‘Okay, everybody sit down. The foundation’s no good. The first floor isn’t fastened to the foundation. The second floor isn’t fastened to the first floor. And the roof is held on by a couple of nails.’ And we went, ‘Oh my god, nobody slam the door!’”
Longshoreman's Daughter Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 3510 Fremont Pl N Seattle 98103 Beloved Fremont diner for many years, my first restaurant job!
Louie's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 5100 15th Ave NW, Seattle WA Louie's Cuisine of China - closed in 2014 after 37 years
LoveCityLove / 7th & Cherry Art Galleries & Art Studios 710 Cherry St, Seattle, WA A multi-use arts space and human potential booster
LoveCityLove / Azteca Art Galleries & Art Studios 1823 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle WA A multi-use arts and culture hub. A place to be unafraid
LoveCityLove / CK graphics building Art Galleries & Art Studios 1430 Summit Ave, Seattle WA Multi-functional DIY gallery & culture hub. Home of Wednesday nights and many an art party
Lowman Beach Park Gathering Place Beach drive & lincoln Park way? Best swing set in the city, great night swinging
Lucky Dragon Tattoo Other Business 1407 E Madison St, Seattle, WA “I chose Lucky Devil because: positive reviews; walking distance from my house; cute boy behind the counter; checkerboard floor; tattoo flash all over; blue walls; clean grit. How many tattoos outlast the buildings where we get them? Ink is so delicate. So is our skin our flesh our lives. Still we think of tattoos as forever.” - Mita Mahato, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Luna Park Gathering Place 47.59516315685348, -122.38741099834442 Seattle's Amusement Park
Lusty Lady Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1315 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States
M & R Produce Stores & Shops 2110 N 55th St, Seattle, WA, United States Originally Madame Lazonga's tattoo parlor, M & R was a Neighborhood Market run by George LeBlanc, with a bulk section, great beer selection and fresh produce, and carried monthly tabs for neighbors' groceries.
Madame K's Pizza Bistro Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 5327 Ballard Ave NW “It was a red sort of place, inside and out. The exterior of the building was a rich deep green and dark red. When you went in, the light was always a little dimmer, a little redder than the light of the real world. The smell of tomatoes was as heavy in the air as the scent of dust before rain. It smelled like heaven. Tomato heaven, hot bread heaven, candles burning down to a bit of smoky wax heaven. Every tray carried past you to another table was a curiosity; a new delight dripping close enough to touch. [...] All the walls were tacked and tagged with various pieces of lingerie: black and red, lace and satin, worn and shining… local legend had it that the pizza restaurant had once been the site of a brothel, inspiring the name, the décor, and the menu—a full assemblage of sly winks and nods, with names like ‘Choke Your Artie Dip’ and ‘Sassy Saucy Angel Hair.’” -Laura Lucas, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past beta anthology
Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 6412 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA “If you were meeting a friend for coffee, you met at Mae’s. If you were having a business meeting in Phinney, it was at Mae’s. You could seat quite a few people at one time but the configuration of the restaurant made eating anywhere feel more intimate than if you were in a large open space. Mae’s was a maze of small rooms beginning with small typical restaurant booths up front. There was another room with tables and chairs and another farther in the back with more booths. In the very back was the soda fountain area known as the ‘Moo Room.’ This former cocktail bar became the best place to hold a birthday party. It had black and white spots painted on the walls with an inflated cow hanging from the ceiling and, like the rest of the place, had shelves of cow motif bric-a-brac.” -Ed Medeiros, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Magic Inn Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.610333063896334,-122.33346372842789 Famous partly because Little Willie John (original performer of “Fever”) played a gig there on October 16, 1964, just hours before being arrested for murder.
Maharaja Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.614184521629284, -122.32266783714294 Shitty Indian food, great happy hour. I think they were dealing coke out of the back room.
Malmo Nursery Stores & Shops 47.66385192914605, -122.29952037334442 From Wikipedia: Charles Malmo, an immigrant from Norway, founded a seed store on Second Avenue in Seattle in 1893. Malmo was credited with being first in the Northwest to propagate and grow his own nursery stock rather than import ornamental shrubs from Japan, the Netherlands and England. In 1930, he opened the first "garden department store" on the Pacific Coast, selling all that was needed for the "most elaborate garden, from seeds to large trees," as he humbly asserted during the opening festivities. His son Clark bought 30 acres (120,000 m2) to cultivate at the present site of University Village shopping mall. Many of the gorgeous mature yards surrounding old Laurelhurst homes in Seattle today were the work of the Malmos. In 1962, the Malmos sold their business to Ernst Hardware and Pay 'n Save stores and became a wholly owned subsidiary.
Mama's Mexican Kitchen Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2234 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA Slated to close in September and be replaced by a J Crew outlet, Mama's holds nearly 70 years of Belltown's neighborhood history and Seattle's rock and roll and poetry scene incidents. Mexican Kitchen that had been open since 1974, dishing out enormous, cheese-smothered combo plates and strong margaritas with a side of Elvis-kitsch.
Mamacita's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 216 Stewart St., Seattle, Washington 98101 This was Mama's lesser known little sister and the food was SO much better.
Manray Video Bar Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 514 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122 The sleek and contemporary Manray Video Bar was one of gay Seattle's hottest destinations for socializing and schmoozing.
Marcus' Martini Heaven Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 88 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104 Martini bar
Mardi Gras Grill Venues, Theaters, Clubs 2047 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98122 An interracial band, The Dynamics, was among the first to play at the Mardi Gras Grill. In March 1962, Seattle’s Bolo Records issued a single by The Dynamics that included an instrumental B-side called “At The Mardi Gras.”
Mars Bar & Cafe Venus Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops,Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.623535331391, -122.32942163944244 A really great tiny music venue/cafe/bar run by some of the nicest and most supportive people in Seattle. For many years, this was an essential stepping stone for any band - the place where almost anyone could play and cut their teeth before moving on to larger venues. The importance of that type of place cannot be overstated to a music community. On top of the that, the drinks were strong, the food was actually really good, and the "secret" back bar was especially magical. Also a famous hangout for the Mosquito Fleet. Sorely missed.
Mars Chinese Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.660994107953215,-122.28813171386719
Martin's in Stadium Homes Stores & Shops 2700 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144 “Seattle always had entertainment, but it never had viable businesses for Blacks. In fact, the only Black grocery store I remember in the forties wasn’t a business at all. It was a store called Martin’s in the Stadium Homes property.” –Alvin Kendrick, member of Claude’s Breakfast Club, from an interview with Ghosts of Seattle Past. Stadium Homes (named because of its proximity to Sick’s Stadium) was a temporary housing project in 1943 built in response to wartime housing shortages.
Matzoh Momma's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.62245063642757,-122.31272220611572 This is the incredible Jewish restaurant and deli that everyone always complains Seattle doesn't have. Still a catering business, but no longer an anchor of the Sephardic community and 15th Ave in general.
Maxim's Venues, Theaters, Clubs 5608 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA, United States Maxim's offered live bands, open mic, comedy, karaoke, spoken word and showcased new authors, good food, and great drinks. Recently community members banded together to turn the space into a community oriented arts/restaurant venue. The name, Black and Tan Hall, pays homage to the former jazz club originally located in the International District off of Jackson St.
Mcgoverns Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Lake Union, Seattle, WA, United States
McLeod Residence Art Galleries & Art Studios 2209 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
Merchant's Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 109 Yesler Way “The Merch was a delightful dive bar. The wooden bar top was old and weathered with years of spilled booze and greasy palms. There were playing cards stuck to the detailed plaster of its cathedral ceiling. For a while, the sidewalk out front was covered with plywood to prevent anyone from falling through to the basement. I used to tell people to skip the Underground Tour and just go downstairs. You could look through a section of wall to the space between buildings, where decades’ worth of junk had accumulated. When it changed owners, we heard that they found a dead rat behind the deep fryer, one of those big, fat, Pioneer Square rats. It wouldn’t surprise me. We’d sit there for hours. The management let us smoke cigarettes right outside the doorway, and on a summer day the sunlight hit the high-top table just right. When it rained, it became a snug corner, a sanctuary against the cool, gray air. It was the best place in all of Seattle at moments like that.” -Judy T. Oldfield, from an essay in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Mesob Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.60609070754357,-122.31441736221313 Mesob, located at 14th and Jefferson served traditional Ethiopian food for many years. Their backroom "tiki bar" was my favorite spot while I lived for 13 years on Remington Court and 13th Avenue. The bar was one of the favorites of the local taxi drivers, and served delicious Ethiopian wine called Axumite. I found out that the building had been a convenience store for many years before it was Mesob, and the subject of Gashuffer's song "14th and Jefferson."
Metropolis Venues, Theaters, Clubs 207 Second Avenue S, Seattle WA All Ages Punk venue in from May 1983 - March 1984. This place is where most of SubPop met as teenagers. National acts like Hüsker Dü, Violent Femmes, The Replacements, Gun Club, D.O.A., John Cale and Bad Brains would play there. Bruce Pavitt would DJ there, and foster teenage crews that would turn into Green River, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, and more. Short and sweet, Metropolis had a massive impact on youth sub culture in the early 80s, employing sweat equity trading in exchange for admission. The last show was Alien Sex Fiend on March 6, 1984
Moe's Mo'Rockin' Cafe Venues, Theaters, Clubs 925 E Pike St, Seattle, WA Now the site of Neumos ("new Moe's).
Mogie's Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.66814017386208,-122.27598667144775 Old style diner with counter. Great fries
Mon Hei Chinese Bakery Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.5981294836873, -122.32417523860931 Seattle's first Chinese bakery victim of the 2013 Christmas Eve Fire.
Montan Boarding House Gathering Place 8112 Dallas Ave S, Seattle, WA he Montan Boarding House was built in the 1890s. In its hundred-plus years it and the small house on the same plot behind it have served as a grocery store, a community meeting place, housing for city prisoners as well as women working at the Boeing plant during World War II, and—possibly—a barber shop and a speakeasy. Janie Genovese Craig, who was born in one of the boarding house’s apartments, wholeheartedly believes the rumors that the Montan daughters ran alcohol: “They had big huge buckets of beer that they would bring and serve all the tenants here,” she assured us. The current owners, who collect and research the history that Janie has picked up from the neighborhood, also heard that the place served as an ad-hoc brothel. Kathi “george” Wheeler, who manages the property, says: “I heard that sailors would dock and get their hair cut, have a beer, and then sometimes there was rumors of some other hanky-panky going on upstairs. We joke, ’cause there’s a dancing bar by one of the tubs.” george and her wife Elizabeth plan on following a Montan Boarding House tradition and eventually selling the property to one of their tenants under the condition that the couple could remain in the house for the rest of their lives.
Monterrey Mexican Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4th and Lander, Seattle WA Great food and local bands on weekends. Best softball team sponsor
Morningtown Pizza Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4110 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA, United States Morningtown Pizza in 1975/1976 had excellent oven-toasted sandwiches that they served on a board. It always seemed very laid-back. One of my friends from the nearby UW Lander Hall dorm went there for a sandwich, but after standing at the counter without seeing anybody, he heard some noises coming from around the corner. He peeked around the corner, and beheld the presumed employee as part of a beast with two backs. It wasn't until decades later that I found out Morningtown Pizza was a bartering/collective. Wow, those were good sandwiches.
Mother Nature's Stores & Shops 516 1st Ave N Seattle, WA 98109 Health food shop owned by a mother and daughter who made awesome smoothies.
Mr. Spots Chai House Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.66839883000695, -122.38441658046213 The best Spicy chai in all the land! It is still made for in Greenwood and sold wholesale but this was their cafe; a great place with an old hippie Seattle vibe.
MV Kalakala Gathering Place 47.65329780664026, -122.32442736625671 Motor Vessel Kalakala was a ferry that operated on Puget Sound from 1935 until her retirement in 1967. MV Kalakala was notable for her unique streamlined superstructure, art deco styling, and luxurious amenities. The vessel was a popular attraction for locals and tourists, and was voted second only to the Space Needle in popularity among visitors to Seattle during the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. The ship is known as the world's first streamlined vessel for her unique art deco styling. (From Wikipedia)
NAF Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.54513353254654, -122.3461103439331 Huge warehouse rave spot for years in the 90's
Neptune Coffee Other Business 8415 Greenwood Ave, Seattle, WA “From the day [G&O Bikes] opened, I loved to sweep the sidewalk in front of the shop, as did the owners of the café next door to us, [Neptune Coffee]. We often spoke of how much we appreciated each other as neighboring businesses. We each took pictures of our lovely block in the afternoon light. We felt blessed. At least once a week, when leaving the bike shop hours after dark, I’d spot them hard at work perfecting some drink or some aspect of their café behind their large, vulnerable windows. The café itself had been there for a while, and I get the impression that it was well loved already by the community when my neighbors bought the business and devoted it to high-quality coffee. If you love an espresso, you should have envied my luck, to share a wall with this café.” -Davey Oil, from an essay in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
New Chinatown Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 527 South Main Street, Seattle, WA, United States Neon rice bowl on the corner of 6th & Main is the lasting monument to the New Chinatown Restaurant. Had a wicked set of stairs from street level to 2nd floor restaurant. Used to be one of the few sites to hold 400+ guests for big celebrations.
New Crompton Venues, Theaters, Clubs 4711 12th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105 New Crompton, home of DIY shows and a rich history of activism. Was previously called Crompton, and also Mystery Machine at one point.
New Holly Greenhouse & Nursery Stores & Shops 4031 S Willow St, Seattle, WA, United States A nursery owned and operated for by a Japanese-American family for over 50 years. The last of it's kind in Rainier Valley.
New Luck Toy Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4718 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 Chinese restaurant with back bar that did karaoke 7 nights a week. Inexpensive, stiff drinks. For decades West Seattle's best dive bar.
Nitelite Lounge Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61156628452013, -122.34107851982117 Yet another vanished Seattle dive bar. A favorite place to grab a drink after work or before a show at the Moore Theater, next door.
No Space Art Galleries & Art Studios 534 Summit Ave E, Seattle, WA, United States Site of a famous Lightning Bolt show on the street
No Way Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1319 e Jefferson Street, Seattle, WA, United States
Noc Noc Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1516 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101 Bar/Nightclub that closed in 2013. The decor was Gothic-themed with a Gothic arcade separating the bar from the dance floor. Unbeatable happy hour prices. My friends used to get there at 5pm to eat and then still till way past 2am dancing to 80s/90s dj nights.
OK Hotel Venues, Theaters, Clubs 212 Alaskan Way S, Seattle WA This was also a mostly All Ages shows venue in the 90s. Venue with artists apartment/work spaces above. All of the live footage from Singles was filmed here. Mookie Blaylok played here frequently before having to change their name to Pearl Jam. First time Nirvana played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" live was here. Sublime, GooGoo Dolls, and hundreds more. Queens of the Stone Age played their first show ever here. Closed in 2001 after the Nisqually earthquake damaged the building. However the hotel upstairs still operates as apartments and artist spaces.
Old Spaghetti Factory Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2801 Elliott Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 Though some Seattleites (like Paul Constant) were confused at how anyone could build up a serious attachment to a chain restaurant, Sanjay Bhatt's Seattle Times story about a potential OSF closure prompted a huge outcry. The restaurant quickly reassured people that it was included in the landlord's remodeling plans, but a few months later news broke that the pastaria by the Olympic Sculpture Park really would be closing in December 2016.
Old timers Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.602560573320815, -122.3340953886509 Restaraunt, cocktail lounge with live blues music 5 nights a week
Old Town Ale House Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.667222584148426, -122.38433718681335
Old Vera Project Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.61303972207812, -122.33952802489512 This was Vera when it was on 4th Ave in what used to be the Annex Theater, which used to be a Fred Astaire dance studio.
On 15th Video Stores & Shops 47.62223188688287, -122.31238156557083 Excellent small video store, kept my after school program in movies for years. Super awesome staff, now it's possibly the worst second hand shop owned by a rich white woman I've ever seen.
Online Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1720 E Olive Way Seattle, WA 98102
Open ground on Barton Street Other Business 2600 SW Barton St, Seattle, WA 98126 Before internment, the land on Barton St was fertile gardening ground. When the Japanese people who had farmed the land were incarcerated during World War II for no other reason than their ancestry, the land transformed into a swamp. As former Seattleite Janet Schuroll shared in an interview, the loss of the Japanese American community led to another, more personal loss for her: “There was a theatre in White Center. My brother went with a sixteen-year-old to the theatre; [she was his babysitter], and when the movie was over, she went off to talk with some friends and she let him go home alone. And he went wandering through this area and he fell in the bog [at 3200 W Barton St]. He was found the next day...eventually they made [the bog] into Westwood Village...People were taken. And without their stewardship of that land, so was my brother.”
Orpheum Records Stores & Shops 47.62481524249976, -122.32072055339813 For your Tad stickers and 7 Year Bitch cassettes.
Osteria La Spiga Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1401 Broadway, Seattle, WA, United States Before moving up to 12th they had a wonderful rustic restaurant on Broadway and Union famous for the bread, and the one giant table everyone gathered around.
Othello Halal Market Stores & Shops 3815 South Othello Street, Seattle, WA, United States
Our Lady of Lourdes Church Gathering Place 8319 8th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108 Established by two Belgian brothers in the 1890s, it was originally a school. The space is now occupied by the South Park Community Center. In an interview for Ghosts of Seattle Past, Janie Genovese Craig recalled taking her first communion there and being forced to wear the same thing as everyone else.
Outrageous Courageous Burrito Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 50th avenue NE and Brooklynn In the 70's it was the go too place, open until 4AM, the best and biggest burrito's ever, after dancing at the Rainbow
Panko's Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4850 E Green Lake Way E
Paper Cat Stores & Shops 47.60020906789451,-122.33389717333921 'Amazing paper, cards, rubber stamps store. Nothing like it still exists. MISS it SO much!
Park Avenue Records Stores & Shops 47.62394027840764,-122.35644221305847 Spent many hours crawling around the stacks, browsing for hours -- probably bought my first LP there.
Patty Summer's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Pike Place Market, 94 Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98101 Patty Summers is an amazing woman and for years (decades?) her place was an amazing hole in the wall in the Pike Place Market. She would come off stage where she was singing and serve you a drink herself!
Peace Heathens Bazaar and Regalia Gathering Place 47.659454938423416, -122.31336057186127 Beloved but short-lived leftie amateur environmental and community activist center, complete with a Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking poster on the wall.
Peaches Records Stores & Shops 811 North 45th Street, Seattle, WA Huge record store
Pedestrian Bridge Gathering Place 47.53431277334143, -122.32260346412659 A 600 foot pedestrian bridge once linked the river communities of South Park and Georgetown. Today there isn't even a complete sidewalk between the two.
Peerless Pie Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.62301468061741, -122.3207151889801 White tile corner spot, with a really nice selection of any pie you could possibly imagine. Sit and enjoy Pecan Pie and look out the window to people watch on Broadway. Came by one day in 1991 and there was a sign on the door that said closed due to not paying taxes. : (
Penny Pinchin' Records Other Business 1727 E Yesler Way, Seattle, WA
Philly's Best Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61309239998636, -122.30256468057632 A tragic loss - they once had the best cheesesteaks in Seattle. Original owner was murdered in 2003, and his business partner who took over was murdered in 2008 (unrelated). It is now Uncle Ike's pot shop.
Piecora's NY Pizza Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.613851824736635,-122.31403112411493 Family owned pizzeria complete with checkered tablecloths and slices the size of your head, Piecora's was a Capitol Hill staple. Great pizza, great vibe and great memories!
Pippy's Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 3007 Beacon Ave S Seattle, WA 98144
Pizza and Pipes Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.69062691624998,-122.35527277123765 The name of number of restaurants, in Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma, all with different ownerships, which featured theatre pipe organs providing musical accompaniment to the repast. The one in Seattle was located up on 85th in Greenwood. The Greenwood restaurant closed in the late 1980s and the Bellevue restaurant was closed in 1992. The Tacoma Pizza & Pipes, sadly, burned down in 1999, with the pipe organ going up in smoke, as well.
Planet Georgetown aka Uncle Moe's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.54666493853928, -122.31597682291067 The last of the ol' timer Georgetown bars.
Playland Amusement Park Gathering Place 47.7245373318583, -122.35069155693054 Seattle's Amusement Park 1930-1960.
Polish Hall Gathering Place 1714 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 Founded in 1899 on NW 62nd St in Ballard, it welcomed several waves of Polish immigrants seeking work in the gold and lumber rushes, escaping persecution in Europe, and trying to find a base to change conditions in their homeland. Damaged several times over the year by fires, rebuilding brought improvements, including a dancefloor, that expanded the hall’s function. In the segregated mid-century music scene it sometimes hosted Black and mixed-race bands. Eventually renamed the Polish Home and then the Polish Cultural Center.
prova Other Business 47.62206375644539, -122.28985369205475 prova
Quesnel’s restaurant / Neal Saffer's Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4703 Beach Drive Southwest, Seattle, WA, United States all pink inside, name starts with N
Radio KRAB-FM Other Business 9029 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA, United States First location of KRAB-FM, Seattle's first non-commercial listener-supported educational radio station, started by Lorenzo Milam in 1962.
Ragin' Cajun Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1523 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States Bergeson, who has been deaf since birth, is one of six workers with disabilities at Ragin' Cajun. That group also includes the owner and chef, Danny Delcambre, who is deaf and legally blind. There is a deaf and blind weekend dishwasher, Robert Terrazas, two other deaf waitresses, Sandra Gordon and Ali Hamar, and Sam Fournier, a 55-year-old developmentally disabled man, also a dishwasher.
Rain City Video Fremont Other Business 464 N 36th St. Seattle 98103 The best video rental store around, second only to Scarecrow. They still have one location open but closed their Fremont and Ballard locations. I spent many hours there browsing their amazing movie selection.
Rainbow Grocery Stores & Shops 47.62248317760397, -122.31287777423859 Hippie grocery store, closed in 2006 - lives on, sort of, as Rainbow Remedies
Rainbow Tavern Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.661442120604356,-122.31969594955444 From the 60's through the 80's, Seattle #1 live music club.
Rainier Lanes Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.5768296973201, -122.29858160018921 It was the largest bowling alley in Seattle.
Raison d'etre café Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61132036601319, -122.342129945755 Raison d'etre café
Ramps to Nowhere Gathering Place 47.64350415961527, -122.29692935943604 SR 520 has a set of ghost ramps in the marshlands of Washington Park Arboretum. They are often referred to as "ramps to nowhere". However, there are two ramps currently used for the Westbound 520 off ramp connection to the Washington Park Arboretum while the other serves as an on ramp only to SR 520 Eastbound. The others are unused. They were originally part of a plan to build the R. H. Thomson Expressway which would have cut through the arboretum and down through Seattle towards the I-90/I-5 interchange. Citizens rallied a freeway revolt against the plan on May 4, 1969. Construction near the Arboretum later continued but citizen protest eventually won out and the plan was dropped in 1971. (From Wikipedia)
Razmatazz Strip Club Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.61870465008948, -122.34319478273392 Corner of Denny Way and Dexter became the Rasmatazz after the original Dog House moved locations. Became the Deja Vu in the 90s and was torn down for an apartment building in the 2000s
Re-New Cleaners Other Business 505 Maynard Ave S, Seattle, WA
Red and Black Bookstore Collective Stores & Shops 432 15th Avenue East, Seattle, WA, United States The final location of The Red and Black Bookstore Collective (1973-1999). Founded by feminists, socialists and anarchists, this independent, feminist and multicultural bookstore was one of Capitol Hill's gathering places. Known for children's books and for serving the lesbian, progressive and queer communities, this was also the neighborhood bookstore for those living on the Hill. Red and Black Bookstore Collective was located in the University District, on 12th and on three locations on 15th Ave E. This feminist, , gay, multicultural. Left leaning bookstore operated from1973-1999 and was famous for it's selection of books, it's pilot all bumper stickers, author events and community resource notebooks.
Red Light Stores & Shops 312 Broadway E Seattle, WA 98102 Now a Lifelong Aids Alliance thrift store which is awesome too
Red Robin's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.65222457015537, -122.32207238674164 Red Robin's first location.
Red Sky Poetry Theatre Gathering Place 518 E Pine St, Seattle, WA One iteration of a roving poetry theatre, housed at then-Tugs Belltown (later to become Squid Row). “I’d only been going [to Red Sky readings] for a couple weeks when I received the signal honor of being invited to contribute to their quarterly review, Open Sound. Perhaps ‘honor’ is something of an overstatement—actually, anyone who brought in the couple hundred Xeroxed sheets of their work on publication day was in. [...] We positioned our pages around the perimeters of the pool table and, moving in a continuous loop, began to collate and staple the fall ’89 issue. Suddenly, we were interrupted by a loud altercation at the bar. Two fellows (not poets, but regular drunks) found themselves in a disagreement that escalated from shouting to shoving to lurching about wildly throwing punches in a matter of seconds. One guy went flying over the table after a blow to the nose, which erupted in a geyser of blood that splattered about half the exposed pages. In a flash, it was over. The combatants fled before the bartender could call the cops. The Red Sky troupe resumed assembling as if nothing untoward had happened—INCLUDING THE BLOOD-SOAKED PAGES!” -David Fewster, from a submission to Ghosts. Also published in Cirque 7.2
Red Sky Poetry Theatre Gathering Place 1915 1st Ave, Seattle, WA One iteration of a roving theatre.
Red Sky Poetry Theatre Gathering Place 1501 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA One iteration of a roving theatre. In this case, in Soup and Salad Cafe at Pike Place Market.
Red Sky Poetry Theatre Gathering Place 507 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA One iteration of a roving theatre. In this case, in the Five-O Tavern.
Red Sky Poetry Theatre Gathering Place 524 15th Ave, Seattle, WA One iteration of a roving theatre. In this case, in the Cause Celebre Cafe.
Reliable Loans Stores & Shops 47.6053384038319, -122.3366528749466 Abraham Bolotin owned a pawn shop on 1st and Spring until 1959 when he was stabbed to death with an ice pick.
Retro Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1624 8th Ave, Seattle, WA Short lived music venue. Sonic Youth & Green River show in July 86 one show of note which took place there.
RKCNDY Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.61795478781331, -122.33021222054958 Venue from 1996-1999 that hosted tons and tons of mid level bands (many that are huge now). While the list is way too long to mention, I saw Flaming Lips, Afghan Wigs, Pavement, Descendents, Built to Spill, Moby and Everclear play there in the few 4 months it was open. One of the first venues in town to get away with over/under shows.
Rock Bottom Brewery Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1333 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
Rocket Pizza Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.62458773515594,-122.32072122395038
Roq La Rue Gallery - Belltown Art Galleries & Art Studios 2316 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States
Roq La Rue Gallery - SODO Art Galleries & Art Studios 532 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104
Rosco Louie Gallery Art Galleries & Art Studios 87 South Washington Street, Seattle, WA Art Gallery, Performance Space, home to all fifty punks in the greater Seattle Area, from 1978 to 1984 Larry Reid, Tracey Rowland and Randy Eriksen hosted a place like no other.
Rosebud Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 719 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122 Named after the iconic sled which hung from the ceiling, now as much a regret filled memory as those that plagued Kane. Confession: I always mixed this place up with the Wild Rose.
RR Hardware Stores & Shops 6512 15th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA, United States
Ruby Montana's Pinto Pony Stores & Shops 603 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States
Russel's Meats Stores & Shops 47.5981475705302, -122.3249289393425 Fresh meats and Seattle's winning-est Lotto retailer
Sage Cafe / Plum Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 324 15th Ave E Seattle, WA 98112
Sand Point Sundries Stores & Shops 5901 NE 63rd St, Seattle, WA 1945-1970. Greatest mom and pop place ever. Lunch counter, candy counter, comic books, lots of toys and model airplanes in the back. A kid's fantasy. I miss it, even now.
Santa Fe Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA, United States
Scandinavian Bakery Stores & Shops 8537 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA, United States
SCUD Gathering Place 47.61398562700228, -122.34966158866882 “The SCUD building was built sometime between 1908 and 1912. It was a U-shaped two-story building with storefronts on the ground floor and probably twenty or so efficiency apartments upstairs. [...] We found out that the downstairs used to house a Catholic print shop and later a grocery store that sold the usual sundry items of the day. Upstairs, from the 1920s to the end of the 1930s it became a brothel, complete with its own live-in madam. The building did not have electric lights until the late 1930s and before that had used gaslight instead. When we moved in, we could still see the remaining pipes now capped, still jutting out of the walls all up and down the hallways. Future SCUDDITES met at a New Year’s Eve party ringing in 1985. While at that party, it was decided that an artist living space was desperately needed. A three-year lease was signed and by the middle of March 1985, people began to quickly fill up the apartments upstairs and to begin their new lives living as The Subterranean Cooperative of Urban Dreamers, aka SCUD.” -Madame Ashleigh Talbot, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Seattle Art Supply Stores & Shops 2108 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States
Seattle Center Skyride Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.621640716178504, -122.3488461971283 Original skyride from 1962 World's Fair now installed at Washington State Fairgrounds Puyallup.
Seattle Fun Forest Other Business 325 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 “Fun Forest was an amusement park at Seattle Center that was in operation from the 1962 World Fair until 2011. They had a spooky, haunted-theme ride that used to be where the EMP Museum is now. I remember it through my three-year-old memory as a giant red warehouse. Because it dwarfed the rest of the rides at the theme park, my older brother instantly loved it. I was afraid, but I went on the ride once with my brother anyway. We were strapped to a cart and told that there would be ‘chicken door’ exits. I asked my brother, ‘What’s a chicken door?’ He said, ‘It’s where you exit if you get scared, which you probably will.’ I was determined not to leave. I wanted to be as big as my brother. The tunnel was bright red with frightening Halloween characters that would pop out at you. But it wasn’t the ghosts and ghouls that that scared me—it was being in the darkness and not knowing how long we would be in there. Of course, I bolted through the chicken door.” - Julia Lipscomb, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Seattle Funplex Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.63289748259405, -122.37694501876831 The Seattle Funplex was where I spent my childhood. It had an arcade, redemption games, minigolf, batting cages, laser tag, and just a big variety of fun events. I met Bozo the Clown there. I had more birthday parties there than I can count. Since it was indoors, it was great for those many rainy days. There aren't a whole lot of indoor locations for a kid under 21 to spend their time, and Funplex had just about everything a kid could want.
Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center Gathering Place 2120 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144 Founded in 1966, now the site of the Seattle Vocational Institute. An anonymous member of Claude’s Breakfast Club recalled “These were all agencies from the Civil Rights Act. Where…the Civil Rights Act is saying, ‘Equal opportunity for Black people!’ So, you have these agencies that started up to help Black people become more acclimated in employment and all different fields like plumbing, welding, all these different avenues. These agencies, [such as] SOIC, Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center, was started by Reverend Doctor Leon Sullivan, back in Philadelphia. Jim Williams was the director [of SOIC]. Reverend [Dr.] Samuel Berry McKinney was the chairman of the board. That started it…And they operated for about fifteen years, and they did a phenomenal job, as far as placements, and outreach and stuff like that for African American people.”
Seattle Waterfront Streetcar Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.60004665424266, -122.33321696519852 Vintage streetcar line demolished to make way for Olympic Sculpture Park and Alaskan Way redevelopment.
Seattle's First Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.56379300745685, -122.28768646717072 Gil Centioli owned 3 fast food drive-ins known as Gil's Hamburgers after a June 30, 1959 visit from Col. Harland Sanders this location was converted to a Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Second Ave Pizza Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops,Venues, Theaters, Clubs 2015 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 Pizza shop in downtown Seattle which put on great small punk shows.
Second Time Around Music and The Spot Stores & Shops,Venues, Theaters, Clubs 4209 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 "Back in the early 2000s, when I was going to rave parties multiple times a week, The Spot above Second Time Around Music was a grimy little venue that played electronic music on Tuesdays. We'd show up after hitting Aladdin’s for a gyro plate, and dance till 4 am at least. There was a side room with the classic hideous orange striped couch that would spit all sorts of prizes from between the cushions the next morning. After dancing all night, we'd creep back into the sunlight and make a beeline for the IHOP down the block for pots of coffee and pancakes. Then we’d rest till Thursday night, when the weekend started all over again." - Cortney Pearce
Shelly's Leg Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.600014099102566, -122.33588576316833 Shelly Bauman purchased a hotel in Pioneer Square, Seattle and in 1973 converted it into a gay bar and nightclub. Bauman would attend parties there in her wheelchair. Sometime between 1977-79 the club was closed, perhaps temporarily at first then definitely by 1979, for problems including failure to meet tax reporting standards. Shelly Bauman, who helped start the legendary Gay bar in Pioneer Square, Shelly's Leg, died at home in Bremerton, Washington on November 18, 2010. The sign from the nightclub is now an exhibit at Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI)
Shiga Imports Stores & Shops 47.660145041171646, -122.31350272893906 It's been there at least 50 years, and still has a magic about it, Just walk in and soak up the atmosphere.
Shorey's Bookstore Stores & Shops 47.608096195097914, -122.3388335108757 110 Union Street: go upstairs to the second floor and you're in one of 34 rooms of mostly used books. Floor to ceiling books. Windows open, raining outside. No one else, it seems, around. You'll find something. Shorey's was opened in 1890 and moved to a number of locations, but it was at 1st and Union the longest -- from 1975 to 1991.
Sick's Seattle Stadium Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.57888515898335, -122.2967791557312 Go Pilot's
Silver Fork Diner Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.56950127068727, -122.2900668382863 African-American owned diner, with the best grits in town.
Sit & Spin Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops,Venues, Theaters, Clubs 2219 4th Ave Seattle, WA 98121 Crazy cool laundromat with food and tons of games and game boards. Music venue in the back that hosted all genres of music, lots of bands and a weekly Sunday all ages Hip Hop event.
Six Degrees Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.68593244420108, -122.33696937561035 An intriguing restaurant, one of the ones that got me interested in finer dining. It closed not long after the owner was killed in the crash of Alaska Air flight 261 in January 2000.
Skoochie's Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.62010038679609, -122.34637320041656 Skoochie's was the seminal teen night club, open from 1982 - 1985. We spent a good chunk of our youth going to Skoochie's, trying to go to Skoochie's, and thinking about the next time we could go to Skoochie's. The music was New Wave, post-modern, and sometimes Batcave, and it was one of the few places in Seattle that an alternative-dressing 80's kid could hang out without dirty looks, judgment, and overall negative attention.
Smith's Amazing Museum Other Business 47.62120682516924, -122.3506647348404 My favorite part of the old Center House, part Ripley's Believe it or Not, part Ye Old Curiosity Shop & part Penny Arcade. After it closed in the early 80's, the exhibits were donated to Seattle Children's Hospital which sold them off.
Sonic Boom Records Stores & Shops 47.62360402798083,-122.31243789196014 Christ, do I miss record stores. Sonic Boom - one of the few places i could find indie pop 7" on the regular. Saw great shows there occasionally too!
Sorry Charlies Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1426 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98101 Best piano bar in town. Story goes that when the Doghouse closed down the piano player moved uptown to Sorry Charlies. A legendary dive bar the whole building has recently been torn down. Legendary Queen Anne restaurant and lounge/piano bar. Where Howard Bulson played for many years.
South China Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.579046793389324, -122.31150984764099 American Chinese Restaurant - Place for family meals and celebrations. Place for First Drinks and parties. When it closed my whole family (consisting of Japanese, African, Mexican Americans mixed) filled a private room in celebration of the memories that happened there.
South Park Fire Station Other Business 8201 10th Ave S, Seattle, WA “[My uncle] was a fireman at that station in the early 20s, when there were still horses. And he got a nickname, Tony, ’cause he got kicked by a horse that’s name was Tony. And so a lot of times he got dispensation, he didn’t have to stay at the fire station. ’Cause if he was a fireman and he heard the bell, he just had to come down the stairs of his house, [which was across the street,] go there, get on his gear, and go.…I thought it was such a neat place because, you know, it was so new. Well heck, that was the 1950s. You know? I was a little girl. And then his retirement party when he retired was over there. I got to sit next to him and the Seattle police chief and fire chief at that time.” -Janie Genovese Craig, in an interview with Ghosts of Seattle Past
Space Venues, Theaters, Clubs 960 Republican, Seattle, WA, United States Underground Dance Club in the basement of an old building at 960 Republican St. Known for Belgian Techno, Hard Hitting House Music, Home of The Prophets ov Psyche and the original Seattle AV Pro, now Seattle AV Services.
Speakeasy Cafe/211 Club Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 211 Bell St, Seattle, WA Downstairs: Seattle's first Internet Cafe Upstairs: No frills pool room (location in David Mamet's 1987 directorial debut House of Games)
Sports Specialties Stores & Shops 2319 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA “Sports Specialties was the first soccer shop in Seattle and was opened by Denzil Miskell in 1974 down by the Kingdome. After a fire in 1976, Sports Specialties moved to another location in Belltown where it stayed until November 30th, 2008, when rising rents and gentrification forced Denzil to retire. Denzil had been a close family friend since before I was even born, and every pair of soccer shoes I wore until 2014 came from him. My dad, Jim Wagner, was great friends with Denzil, and some of my first memories of Seattle were going to Sports Specialties with my dad. Picking out new boots, a bag, a ball, digging through the huge bin for socks, and that awful gum on the front counter—I remember it all vividly. Since we were practically family, I was able to go find my new boots in the back or go down into the basement to dig through hundreds of soccer balls. Once I had my new gear and a couple of extra pairs to take home for my brother to try on, we’d head over to the Rendezvous to watch whatever soccer game was on. Sometimes we’d go to Mama’s Mexican Restaurant and be joined by Alan Hinton, Jimmy Gabriel, Cliff McCrath (Uncle Nubby) or numerous other Seattle soccer legends. Customers would show up at the shop to find a note saying Denzil was at the bar watching soccer. Sports Specialties wasn’t supposed to close. Denzil and my dad had an agreement. When Denzil was ready to retire, my dad was going to purchase the store and keep it going. But my dad died in 1999, so that would never happen. When Denzil finally had to close, the pain was more severe than expected. I still get a lump in my throat when I drive by what is now another sushi bar.” - Kelsey Gallo (nee Wagner), from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Square One Books Stores & Shops 47.56058234241852, -122.38548517227173 Neighborhood bookstore with knowledgeable, helpful staff.
Squid and Ink Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1128 S Albro Pl, Seattle, wa Vegan restaurant
Squid Row Venues, Theaters, Clubs 518 E Pine St, Seattle, WA, United States “Located at 518 E Pine St, Squid Row was a live music venue and popular hangout for Seattle’s late 1980s countercultural cognoscenti. A tiny tavern with a tiny stage with no elevation above the audience, it was nevertheless a key crucible for the regional music genre that would become known during Squid Row’s brief lifetime as grunge. Squid Row hosted early gigs by certain then-obscure bands who are now legendary in Seattle music history—including and especially Nirvana. [...] Squid Row’s final show occurred on Saturday, June 30, 1990. The bands on the bill were Gas Huffer, Treepeople, and The Gits. As a willing and eager participant in that final night, I can personally attest that, when the night came to a close, the floor was appropriately drenched with beer. At last call, the bartender announced, ‘Okay, everybody! The landlord fucked us over. Go ahead and trash the place.’ And so we all did so. End of story and end of era.” -Jeff Stevens, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
SS Marie Antoinette Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1235 Westlake Avenue N, Seattle, WA (The following is taken from the deleted Wikipedia page, deleted for lack of relevance!) The SS Marie Antoinette began when a group of visual artists leased a building (1235 Westlake Seattle, WA 98109) around 2001. These artists took a dilapidated 8,000 sq ft (357 m2), 50-year-old yacht factory, and split the large space into six individual studios. Averaging six people renting the building and splitting rent and bills equally, the SS Marie Antoinette (SSMA) continued as a hub for artists and musicians in or visiting the Seattle area for 7 years.[1] The artists renting the SSMA used the space for many mediums of visual art, including: screen printing, painting, sculpture, graphic design, furniture fabrication, photography, sound engineering, song writing, and many others. The SSMA catered to artists and musician who normally would not be showcased in popular venues.[2] In 2005 the SSMA "Captain" became Malaki S., who took the large room in the back of the building and converted it into DIY theater, complete with house PA, lights, and mixing board. The word of a place for "underground" bands to play spread quickly, and soon the SSMA hosted 5 to 6 shows a week.[3] The SSMA shut its doors on 7 July 2007, when Lemantzakis properties, the owners of the building, decided to not renew the lease.
Stan's Drive In Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 828 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle, WA, United States A place for burgers, fries and shakes.
Star Life on the Oasis Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.664820156722584, -122.31278121471405 I just called it "Wing's," on account of the wonderful proprietor. I still miss his Black Bean Chili on cold winter days. Truly an oasis from the Ave.
Statue of Liberty at Alki Beach Park Gathering Place 1702 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 When the first White settlers in Seattle erected their log houses and sounded the waters of Elliott Bay, they were convinced West Seattle would be the new New York. They called it New York Alki—“New York by and by,” in Chinook jargon. (It’s pronounced “AL-kee,” by the way.) These White settlers set up a human-sized Statue of Liberty replica at Alki Point. They built a carousel and a roller coaster and called it Luna Park. Over the years, the carnival atmosphere shifted. During World War II, housing for military transplants unfolded across the peninsula and the cabins dwindled. Luna Park closed and West Seattle’s Statue of Liberty lost its arms to rambunctious kids and had to be replaced with a replica of the replica, and somewhere along the way people accepted that “by and by” wasn't coming—that what was growing from those first log cabins was something altogether different from New York.
Steve's Broiler Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1937 4th Ave, Seattle, WA
Still Life in Fremont Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 705 N. 35th and Fremont Ave., Seattle WA Still Life in Fremont was where I used to spend Sundays reading the New York Times when I first came to Seattle. It was one of the best "third place" places in town, and a nod to the crunchy awesome Tracy Chapman-esque Moosewood-y sorts of college vegetarian luncheonette type places I associate with nerdy afternoons of reading, drinking coffee, noshing on pastries or a big salad with hairy alfalfa, and stuffing my mind with ideas. I remember reading there, and the sunlight, and all the feelings of possibility that come with spending your day that way. I moved to Seattle at 32, in 2002, on the heels of my mother's death from cancer. It was a place I chose to start the next chapter of my life. And Still Life in Fremont represented my image of what Seattle's values involved -- lots of Sunday morning readers and journal scribblers, eating good food, drinking hot coffee, dogs at their knees at the outside cafe tables, in a funky old neighborhood.
Stockbox Grocery Stores & Shops 8520 14th Ave S Seattle, WA 98108 This was such a great little grocery, so warm and inviting with so many healthy options in such a small space. Before the bridge reopened this place was a lifesaver!
Storeroom Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.62341963166724,-122.32941627502441 Storeroom was a great tiny punk bar up the hill from the Lake Union Pub. Could pull a stage over the pool table until the building was gentrified. Someone may have redistributed the hanging flower baskets the condo company put in to more deserving locations.
Storey's Book Store Stores & Shops 47.605020118235174, -122.33176589012146 Formerly oldest book store in Seattle, now closed.
Sunny Jim Factory Other Business 47.566384679183884, -122.32263565063477 The factory was best known for manufacturing Sunny Jim peanut butter, jellies and jams as well as syrup, packaged roasted peanuts, and canned soft drinks. The Sunny Jim sign on top of the factory building was near the Rainier Brewing Company “R” sign and both were familiar sights for drivers approaching downtown Seattle from the South on I-5.
Sunset Bowl Gathering Place 47.66872539982113,-122.37300753593445 Closed in 2008 after land was sold to a developer. Part of traditional Ballard for 51 years.
Sunset Bowl Other Business 1420 NW Market St Seattle, WA 98107 Oh, the karaoke. So good. My last memory though was the bartender wanting to put Fireball in my cider, it was a new thing then.
Swingside Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4212 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA Brad's Swingside Cafe - Opened 1990, Closed 2015 Predecessor of Brad's Swingside. Started by Cathy and Anna c. 1982, sold to Deborah Paine c. 1985. Neighborhood hangout and art scene. Metaphonics played here (check out Youtube).
Taco Bell Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 535 Broadway E Seattle, WA 98102
Taqueria Express Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 219 Broadway E, Seattle, WA, United States “[T]he best things about T. E. were that 1) you could get a large plate of food for about $5, and 2) the staff were always friendly. [...] When I try to recall how it looked inside, mostly I remember the posters of Latin pop stars… Also, there was a mural on one wall which I sorely regret never having photographed, of a beckoning lady with oddly purple-gray hair and rather large hands. [...] Taco Chukis [...] now occupies most of the space where Taqueria Express once was. We were impressed.” -Margaret Ashford-Trotter, from a submission in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Tea Pot Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 124 15th Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States First location for this most beloved restaurant. Indulge yourself and get the Bo Bo Platter!
Teapot Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 345 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112 Second location of this beloved vegetarian restaurant that was doing vegetarian meats before it was everywhere
That Place on 85th Street Stores & Shops 1111 NW 85th St, Seattle, WA 98117 Vast indoor & outdoor shop with an eclectic collection of decorative items plus custom ironwork
That's Atomic Stores & Shops 47.61789979455006, -122.32632279401514 A really sweet and friendly middle-aged couple used to run this little antique and vintage resale shop. Their business card described it as "the Best & Worst of the 50s and 60s", but they often sold things that were much older and would sometimes tell a story to go along with them when they did. After 27 years of business, they closed in 2011.
The (Original) Canterbury Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.624706776671985,-122.31237888336182 The diviest, most beautiful bar. Surly servers, every bar food you'd want, multiple rooms for any kind of vibe, affordable. Pool tables, pinball, shuffleboard table, full knight armor in the entrance. Stiff cocktails, good jukebox. Now it's a frat bar. RIP The Canterbury is dead, Long Live the Canterbury
The Ballard Mine Venues, Theaters, Clubs 5117 Russell Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 The Ballard Mine was a DIY rehearsal space, venue, and recording studio. From 2008-2012, I witnessed it transform from a slightly-creepy warehouse basement into a warm, welcoming space. It became the first place in Seattle to truly feel like home to me. We opened our doors to bands from all over the world, hosting some truly wonderful (as well as terrible) shows. We never got tired of seeing people light up when they stepped inside, or hearing how special our space was. It meant so much knowing that love came through. -Shelley Casey
The Beacon Hill Pub Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.57558480102301, -122.30951428413391 Another First Drink establishments for families of Beacon Hill. A family watering whole where everybody knew your name! Where the homie's momma was the bartender and she would whoop you if she saw you acting out of line!
The Black and Tan Club Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops,Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1201 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA That was one of the main clubs, and not only did my dad work there but my brother worked there when he got old enough and then I worked there also. We all worked at The Black and Tan which is no longer there. [There's a] picture of my dad right across the street from The Black and Tan, where it used to be. It’s just a hole in the wall now. In those days it was a big deal. You can’t tell it now but there was a doorway there, and there was only one doorway in and out of the club, you go in that doorway and you go down and its very close, it’s steep. In those days, they you couldn’t bring your alcohol, it was all under the table, and they’d sell you soda pop, and they’d put it in your drink, and you'd be a fugitive in those days, you couldn’t order a cognac or anything a whole different deal in those days." - From ghosts submission, musician Dave Holden
The Blob Other Business 700 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA, United States A free-form structure affectionately known as "The Blob." Formerly housed a restaurant called Orestes. Torn down in 1997.
The Blue Flamingo Gathering Place 47.61834667016357, -122.32598304748535 One of Seattle's most truly amazing secret spaces. A hidden buzzer in the tree outside the door prompted someone from a window above to drop down a key on a blue feather to let you in. Once inside, up the stairs, an apartment converted to a lounge for Seattle's dandy scene, with a free bar and never a dull moment or lack of stimulating conversation. Add to that the rooftop, and this was somewhere truly magical.
The Blue Note / Negro Musicians' Union, Local 493 Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1319 East Jefferson Street, Seattle "My music came from my Mom and my Dad and they both played all around Seattle - even though they could only play in the black union 493 before they got connected with the 76th union, the white union, downtown - they used to play speakeasy kind of places, where they didn’t make very much money on the salary, but they had “kittys” like, you know what a kitty is? People would tip. then they’d make a lot more than a lot of musicians get paid today. In those after hours clubs, it was a bit of a big deal in those days." From submission to Ghosts from musician Dave Holden
The Break Room Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1325 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98122
The Bridge to Nowhere Gathering Place 47.60992463597338, -122.34630078077316 “I moved to Seattle as a teen in 1985 and always wondered about the bridge to nowhere extending out from Lenora Street over Alaskan Way. I always fantasized about a car driving off of that bridge into Elliott Bay. Finally in the feature film "Class of 1999," they did just that. It is worth it to see the film just for that clip, a good nod to when Seattle was not hip or crowded, and few people lived downtown. The bridge was demolished in 1995, and now there is a pedestrian elevator in its place [the Lenora Street Walk].” -Bruce Parker
The Bus Stop Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61794710381632, -122.32635453343391 Great bar. Great times. This was actually its 2nd location.
The Charlestown Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.56991861095611, -122.38653860986233 Was one of the best places for breakfast and clam chowder in West Seattle. The community petitioned to save it during a time when Petco was trying to set up a store there and then if I remember correctly, a fire happened within the same year that the owners couldn't bounce back from. It sat empty for quite a while, but has been demolished for
The Chophouse Gathering Place 47.61369994066888,-122.31783986091614 Band practice space, home base of many local legends
The Cloud Room Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.613895220103544,-122.33273684978485 Used to be a pseudo swanky wood paneled bar at the top of the Camlin. Now it's a hotel condo.
The Comic Stop Stores & Shops 47.661178371686454,-122.31404721736908 This place went through a few different names but it was the only lady friendly comic store I'd ever been to when I first went in 2006. Had a massive selection of independent comics and zines!
The Commodore Hotel Other Business 47.61203641962361, -122.34237670898438 An old hotel and class Belltown flophouse that fell on hard times, it was the scene of a six story art takeover in the early 90's prior to its closure. Sat empty for years, with just a sketchy teriyaki shop on the ground floor to keep the lights on, then torn down and paved over as a surface parking lot in anticipation of its current incarnation: a construction site for condos.
The Coon Chicken Inn Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 86th avenue NE and Lake City Way As a child my Dad took me there , the door was the mouth of a black chef. It was a hot spot, known nationally. We have come along way since then(1948) but not nearly far enough
The Corner Inn Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 6459 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98163 Comfort food with a bard attached.
The Cotton Club Venues, Theaters, Clubs 810 Martin Luther King Jr Way S, Seattle, WA "That’s where Seattle Housing Authority is now on Dearborn and MLK. Some of The Sonics, they had some kind of ownership in it, too. One way in, one way out, one of those kind of clubs! But it was pretty upbeat for the time cause there was live music there and there was nights you could buy a setup, so you could bring in your own alcohol - so more like a cabaret - and they would provide for $10 you know the soda, the ice, the mixers that kind of stuff. Lots of dancing, partying, stuff happening out in the parking lot. I have a picture somewhere I think my hair was like this big." From ghosts submission
The County Line Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 8456 Dallas Avenue South, Seattle, WA The County Line was the ultimate dive bar. It sat literally on the Seattle/King County – "the sliver by the river" – in South Park, steps from the Duwamish River. For years, it was "Ground Zero" for prostitution and drug dealing in the neighborhood, until South Park residents decided to stop fighting it and make it their own. Filling the bar to capacity on neighborhood nights, neighbors would jump behind the bar to help serve drinks, sing karaoke, host live bands, and hold community meetings and celebrations there. It was finally demolished when the South Park Bridge was rebuilt, but will be forever missed. "I miss this bar so much. The bartenders were wonderful, they let us rule the jukebox, we played chess, sang, I've cried in my beer here literally and got caught in the snow at the County Line. You will always have a special place in my heart." –post-closure review on Yelp
The Crypt Stores & Shops 1516 11th Ave, Seattle, WA
The Dog House Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61811886348006,-122.34020948410034 All roads lead to The Dog House. The Hurricane Cafe was it's post-1994 replacement.
The Donut Shop Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 103 Pike St, Seattle, WA “Corner of 1st Ave & Pike Street, they sold donuts and the best hot chocolate. It was the mid 70s. Saturday Night Fever was brand new. It was loud whenever someone popped in a quarter into the jukebox. I loved the atmosphere. The aroma: fresh donuts. Chairs, I don't remember, but I remember a lot of tables to sit at. It felt like home to me. [It] was a spot for people who were from alternative lifestyles: gay, straight, bi, thugs, pimps, prostitutes. And we [could] all hang out in there and feel accepted [...] Once they shut [the Donut Shop] down, they also shut down all the porno shops and theaters on 1st Ave. Now it’s a clean place to walk and very similar to what they did to New York’s infamous 42nd St in Times Square…. [Still,] Samantha Sang feat. The Bee Gees’s “Emotions” from 1977 brings back fond memories hangin’ out at The Donut Shop.” -DJ Nasty-Nes, from an interview with Ghosts of Seattle past
The Elite Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 622 Broadway E Seattle, WA
The Elite Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 622 Broadway E Seattle, WA “The ORIGINAL Elite Tavern, a dingy and most ancient cracker box of a place that lived on the north end of Broadway, just off Roy, between the long-defunct Princess Market and the infamous Jade Pagoda Restaurant and Lounge. You’re sure to remember it if you try—it was the place with the tatty old pride flag looming over the entrance and all of the shirtless guys in low-slung jeans perennially smoking their lungs up out front.” -Adrian Ryan, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
The Elite Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1520 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA “The Elite as it existed in its final incarnation: a warm and quirky space down on lower Olive Way, across the street and up a bit from The Crescent, which is still somehow alive and kicking. [This] version of The Elite was crammed full of incongruous fireplaces that didn’t actually function, poufy couches that did, gilt Egyptian replicas of sarcophagi, and far fewer prostitutes. The Elite took over the space after it was so rudely evicted from its original home by a cruel combination of gentrification and time; it took up residence, occupying the space where an expensive store peddling overpriced antiques used to be.” -Adrian Ryan, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
The Elite Too Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1650 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA “A desperately optimistic expansion of the original [Elite] that existed for a hot minute way back in the Bill Clinton years, when the economy was booming and the gayness was peaking. That funky butterfly of a dream was located down [...] where B&O Espresso used to be, and where a multi-use condo complex with an honest-to-goodness ‘Molten Chocolate Cakery’ exists today. (God help us all.) The Elite Too was heavily mirrored, darker than the devil’s kneepads, rather pointless, and as far as I know, no one ever went there. It lived fast and died ugly. There are no written records or survivors to speak of.” -Adrian Ryan, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
The Erotic Bakery Stores & Shops 2323 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103, United States
The Famous Buckaroo Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.65764111702607, -122.34998345375061 One of Seattle's oldest taverns, closed in 2010 after 72 years. "The whole neighborhood was there, asses to elbows inside, spilling over the sidewalk, even camped out tailgating across the street in back of minivan with guitar, beercooler, and the hatchback for an umbrella. The Buck died slow, an unkillable dragon." - From Ghosts submission.
The Frontier Room Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2203 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 A big part of Belltown’s ’90s club scene and exuded such hipness that the Sunday Mail in London described the Frontier Room as “so cool it’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.” Old Frontier Room est. 1954, sold in 2001, and limped to its death in 2014.
The Funny Button Venues, Theaters, Clubs 4543 8th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105 A awesome DIY house show space and home of Off Tempo for awhile.
The Globe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61480555040097,-122.31441664713196 Oh, how I miss your biscuits and gravy and collard greens and cranberry sauce and coffee in deceptively small cups. It's hard to say enough about The Globe, and impossible to say enough. This was THE go-to place for breakfast / brunch and nothing has come close to replacing it. (picture stolen from
The Guild Venues, Theaters, Clubs 2105 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103 A movie theater.
The Guild II Venues, Theaters, Clubs 2105 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103 Also a movie theater
The Hasty Tasty Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.66719368342297,-122.31304407119751 A greasy spoon that was one of the mainstays on the Ave back in the 70's. Open 24 hours with great hash browns and pinball machines.
The Healthy Hedon Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 129 Belmont Ave Seattle, WA 98102 This place came and went like a ghost but still haunts me years later. Some of the most unique food I've ever had, people still talk about it to this day nearly a decade later. They closed after only a couple years, I understand an illness in the family may have had something to do with it? Chocolate tea and the "Catcha Fyah" wings still stand out so strong in my memory, I can almost taste them!
The Hurricane Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61809355156505, -122.3400753736496 24 hr greasy spoon, pretty glorious.
The Iron Horse Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.59946427589908, -122.33036041259766 Amazing train-themed restaurant, filled to the brim with moving active train sets. The highlight: the burgers and fries were delivered to your booth by train.
The Jolly Roger Venues, Theaters, Clubs 100th NE and lake City Way A restaurant and dance hall in a building that was a replica of a pirate ship, it was painted blue..
The Josephine Venues, Theaters, Clubs 608 NW 65th St Seattle, WA 98117 Apparently they had a yelp page. Whoa.
The Jungle Gathering Place 47.59075314797853, -122.31800079345703
The Keg Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.52143214539815,-122.36508160829544 steakhouse Restaurant and Bar
The Last Exit on Brooklyn Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 3930 Brooklyn Avenue NE, Seattle, WA A counter culture coffee shop.
The Little Theatre / Room 608 Venues, Theaters, Clubs 608 19th Avenue East, Seattle, WA, United States This site was Room 608 in the early 1990s, then a wood shop, and then The Little Theatre, one of the theaters built and operated by Northwest Film Forum. Finally the Little Theatre was the first home of Washington Ensemble Theatre
The Mecca Gathering Place 47.612383593602516, -122.30211675167084 Gathering place in the 1990s for black artists across all disciplines and folks from the neighborhood to build community, share and hone their talents and learn from one another.
The Monastary Venues, Theaters, Clubs 900 Boren Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States beautiful old building that looked like a church. The venue generally held responsible for the later passage of the Teen Dance Ordinance, impetus for the all-ages movement in Seattle.
The Moon Temple Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2108 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103 Wonderful old dive bar and Chinese restaurant. Totally unpretentious
The Neptune Theater Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1303 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105 The Neptune was originally a movie theater with occasional live acting when it opened in 1921. It closed in 2011 and the Seattle Theater Group took it over and opened it as a live music venue. They show the Rocky Horror Picture Show annually as a memorial.
The Offramp / Graceland Venues, Theaters, Clubs 109 Eastlake Ave E
The Original Earl's on the Ave (#1) Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.663537612601345, -122.31293678283691 Where frat boys and devout, elderly alcoholics rubbed elbows. They poured them tall, strong, and cheap.
The Pantages-Palomar Theatre Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1300 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101 (We have a great story about this place appearing in the atlas, too good to spoil here!)
The Paradox Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.66886989904776,-122.31302797794342 While they relocated to inside Mars Hill in their final years, The Paradox's location on the Ave was one of the premier all-ages music venues under the TDO.
The Party Hall Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.6176849433521,-122.30528712272644 From A small space that was at 21st & Madison in Seattle where many all ages shows happened in the early 90s.
The Pastry Case Bakery and Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1717 North 45th Street, Seattle, WA, United States This had the best desserts and baked goods in Seattle. Friendly staff always smiling
The Pony Venues, Theaters, Clubs 504 E Pine St, Seattle, WA
The Poor Italian Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States
The Red Door Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.64975279036954, -122.35005050897598 The Red Door's location prior to being moved one block west. (Of course it had been moved before.)
The Ripple Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.52254610416575, -122.37696245312691 Sweet little cafe selling baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and iced tea.
The Rocking Chair Venues, Theaters, Clubs 115 14th Ave South Seattle, WA "And when you went down to The Rocking Chair, down on 14th Ave right off of Yesler, you’d go down there, and that was Blues & Rhythm, they didn’t have no bebop or hip music." - from Ghosts submission
The Rocksport Bar & Grill Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops,Venues, Theaters, Clubs 4209 SW Alaska St, Seattle, WA, United States Rock n' roll live music venue/Sports bar with great customer service, great quantity of tvs, a 16' projection screen, with all sports all the time. Pool table and tv trivia, arcade games. Great place to see live music on the weekends!
The Savoy Ballroom, later renamed Birdland Venues, Theaters, Clubs 2203 East Madison Street, Seattle, WA
The Scarlet Tree Venues, Theaters, Clubs 801 Northeast 65th Street, Seattle, WA, United States Jazz/Blues Venue and restaurant
The Shanty Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 15th Avenue West, Seattle, WA, United States
The Spot Venues, Theaters, Clubs 4209 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 Back in the early 2000's, when I was going to rave parties multiple times a week, The Spot above the record shop was a grimy small little venue that played electronic music on Tuesdays. We'd show up after hitting Alladin's for a gyro plate, and dance till 4 am at least. There was a side room with the classic hideous orange striped couch that could spit all sorts of prizes from between the cushions the next morning. After dancing all night, we'd creep back into the sunlight and make a beeline for the Ihop down the block for pots of coffee and pancakes. Then rest till Thursday night, when the weekend started.
The Surrogate Hostess Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 746 19th Avenue East, Seattle, WA, United States The Surrogate Hostess was a North Capitol Hill community restaurant institution in the 1980's early 90's. Cafeteria style but with wine, espresso, and pate. Country French but not uptight. Long wooded communal tables allowed strangers to seat together. Catering and gifts in the annex on Aloha. Sold to out-of-state owners who went bankrupt and rumor has it the IRS seized and sold the business. Now a Tully's Coffee.
The Trolleyman Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.65106458280675, -122.35433131456375 Red Hook's original brew pub
The Turf Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 200 Pike St Seattle WA This is actually the second place the turf was located. It was originally on Pike between 1st and 2nd on the South side of the street. There were some great porno shops across the street where Hard Rock Cafe (yuck) is now located.
The Twilight Exit (#1) Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2020 E Madison St, Seattle, WA One of the, if not the best patio in Seattle.
The Twilight Exit (#2) Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61787297578712, -122.30423033237457
The Underground Venues, Theaters, Clubs 4518 University Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98105 The Underground was this sweaty, dark dance club on the Ave. If you were 18 you could dance for hours until the sun came up. If you were "18" and your ID said so you could as well. Randy Schlager, Donald Glaude and other DJs would play new wave, electronic, Hip-Hop, Disco in a booth in the sky. So many stories here.
The Unicorn Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4550 University Way NE English/Austrailian pub grub. Aussie pie, pasties peas and chips, 8% Felinfoel Welsh Ale!
The Viking Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 6404 24th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 The tiny, beautifully old-school Viking tavern—a Ballard classic that had sold beer, barbecue, and fresh eggs by the dozen since 1950—has departed to make way for a condo development called the Ballard Lofts
The Vogue Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1516 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 This little Beltown Bar was a main hub for touring acts in the late 80s. A LGBTQ friendly dance club most of the week, and punk club Tuesday and weekend nights. Monte the transgender bartender was freaking amazing. I remember several bros calling out "Hey Dude, can I have a beer?" to which the response was "do I look like I hang out on ranches and ride horses? You wait..." This became a favorite spot for early touring SubPop bands because of it's proximity to the SubPop World Headquarters a block away. And the fact it was an amazing place. No bigots, and no assholes.
The War Room Venues, Theaters, Clubs 722 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122, United States Critical hip hop venue in the mid 2000s
The Wedge Stores & Shops University Village
The Western Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.602817384152544, -122.33466267585754 Breakfast!
The White City Gathering Place 47.63636195008517, -122.2764801979065 1909-1913, elegant amusement park at Madison Park (which was also, for far longer than that, where you caught a ferry across Lake Washington).
Thompson's Point of View Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.61310324898903, -122.30213887989521 Important hang out, meeting place, bar and creole restaurant for Seattle's Central District community. Now The Neighbor Lady.
Three Cowheads Other Business 47.59081103401302, -122.3075670003891 Foremost Dairy had 3 great cow's heads that were iconic reminders of the Rainer Valley's past
Tien Tsin Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1401 North 45th Street, Seattle, WA, United States Country-style Chinese food, had been open since at least the 70's and closed in the early 90s. Had a great sweet and sour soup to start out with, round tables in a somewhat dimly lit back room, lots of great dishes to share and pass around, and Andes mints as a treat after you paid. The owner was very kind and tended to remember returning customers.
Tiki Tavern/Checkmate Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.61315026130788,-122.302325963974 The Tiki Tavern was a lounge that later became the Checkmate. Both are now gone.
Time Travelers Stores & Shops 1511 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States Seattle's original punk rawk record store
Tim's Kitchen Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 4301 Interlake Ave N Home style Chinese food, Seattle's best BBQ pork!
Tomboy Foods Stores & Shops 47.58077408604833, -122.31301188468933 Old grocery chain store.
Tony's Italian Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 501 Queen Anne Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States Family-owned Italian restaurant in the 1970s. Amazing food, family, and entertainment. All the food, decor, construction, artwork and entertainment was performed by Tony Modica. Tony was born in Long Island NY, grew up in the Bronx, moved to Hollywood, and then settled in Seattle where he opened the famous Tony's Italian restaurant.
Torrefazione Italia Coffee Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1215 4th Ave Ste 100. Seattle, WA 98161 The best coffee to ever appear in Seattle and there were two across the street from each other and now there are none. I encountered some of their beans in a tiny shop in Lion's Bay Canada and the emotions were as deep and black as the coffee.
Torrefazione Italiana Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1310 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States Which one was better? This one? Or the one across the street?
Trabant Chai Lounge Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.66113862858331, -122.31386482715607 A beloved U-District staple for nearly a decade, Trabant served up quality chai and coffee drinks and hosted a well-loved open mic night.
Travelers Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 501 East Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101, United States
Trianon Ballroom Venues, Theaters, Clubs 3rd and Wall St, Seattle WA "Then you’d venture off to the Trianon Ballroom about once a month they’d have a big band coming through. The Trianon that’s where everybody went.. if you had some money. Everybody charged but that was a big event and people didn’t really scalp tickets in those days like they do now." From Ghosts submission
Trident Imports Stores & Shops 47.605464994155916, -122.34044015407562 Trident Imports, the canary-yellow store selling exotic knickknacks and a longtime Seattle waterfront landmark 1962-1967.
Twice Sold Tales Stores & Shops 47.6613517957825, -122.31325060129166 This used bookstore never had what I was looking for, but always had something to find. Also, cats.
Twin Teepees Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.6811797641082, -122.3450642824173 Restaurant that looked like it's name. Multiple owners since opening in the 1930s. Most famous employee was Col. Harland Sanders who worked on his fried chicken recipe as a cook at the Teepees. Demolished in 2001.
Twirl Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 2111 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 Family dining for 3 meals a day in a casual space with coffee, beer & wine & dedicated kids' play area.
UA 150 Venues, Theaters, Clubs 2131 6th Ave Seattle, WA 98121
UCT Hall Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.62701433861647, -122.34762981534004 This was a short lived 18+ venue in 1986-87. Tons of noteable shows here in a short period of time. This is where the record release for DEEP SIX (the first grunge record, and first C/Z Records release, pre-dating SubPop) comp happened March 21-22, 1986. Friday the 21st featured Green River, Soundgarden and The Melvins, and U-Men, Skin Yard and Malfunkshon the 22nd
Uncle Rocky's Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1112 Pike St., Seattle, WA Small dirty rock club that featured many local bands and some occasional touring acts.
United Savings and Loan Bank Other Business 47.598947002741745, -122.32616007328033 United Savings, founded on July 6, 1960, by Robert and Ruth J. Chinn, was the first Asian American-owned savings and loan in the United States.
University Bookstore Stores & Shops 1225 4th Ave Seattle, WA 98101 This place helped me get on my feet when I first moved to Seattle, and those huge glass windows made working inside during the very few winter daylight hours at least tolerable!
University Wingdome Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.662656071045454, -122.31328010559082 Greasy Ave storefront of local chicken wing chain. With a rotating staff of disinterested managers, this place fed all the homeless folks, filled the frat boys with beer, delighted international students with cheap novelty, had its set of devoted, lonely old regulars, and even sparked romance.
Utrecht Stores & Shops 1124 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101 And then our art supply store became a "Starbuck's Tasting Room"
Valu Mart Stores & Shops 47.5480447611465, -122.32364416122437 Local big box discount chain store operated by Weisfield Jewelers.
Velvet Elvis Venues, Theaters, Clubs 111 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104 The precursor to the VERA Project. The Velvet Elvis was an old theater turned show space in Pioneer Square. A non-profit, that was dedicated to live music for those who couldn't get into bars. Open from 1994(?)-1999. The last song played there was Sacrifice by Flipper, performed by The Melvins with Krist from Nirvana and Adam from Tool as guests.
Venetti's Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 97th and Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA A great pizza and Italian food restaurant.
Verve Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 3820 S Ferdinand St, Seattle, WA Wine bar/restaurant
Victoria Station Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.6350100254006, -122.32675552368164 A great place for prime rib and a pint of Guiness
Video Quest Stores & Shops 47.64187050077635, -122.32587575912476 In 1996, I lived in a 1-bedroom apartment on Eastlake Avenue. I was finally making a little money at my office job, as I was hired on after being a temp for more than a year. I had nothing but second-hand furniture, and someone gave me an old TV. I signed up for a membership down at Video Quest, where you could actually rent VCR's along with movies. The VCR had a built-in handle; it was bulky, but I could still haul it up the hill. A video store is so welcoming to a lonely person—picking out the movie is sometimes your night out.
Video Vertigo Stores & Shops 47.61391691777348, -122.32287168502808 Many a Seattleite's favorite video rental store, Video Vertigo was lost in 2004.
Viet Wah Stores & Shops 6040 Martin Luther King Jr Way S, Seattle, WA, United States
Viking Fire Foundry Art Galleries & Art Studios 4710 Ballard Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107 "Viking Fire Foundry is a full service Art Bronze foundry (aluminum and brass casting also available). Viking Fire Foundry provides mold making, lost wax and sand casting, metal chasing and patina services to artists. Our small staff are all accomplished artists and sculptors. We love making art and will make your precious piece of art more outstanding than you could of imagined. We give first rate customer service working intimately with the artist on every piece. We also offer basic sand casting and lost wax investments classes in our foundry. We want to share our skills because we believe the world is a better place when people are making art. Steve Anderson and Donna Lawrence Owners." From Artist Trust website
Vince's Pizza Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.52376509210252, -122.27609395980835 Vince's Pizza closed in 2011 after 50 years of business in the Rainier Beach neighborhood ( It was a long-standing representation of the "Garlic Gulch" - Seattle's Italian-American neighborhood which ran down the Rainier Valley. Other still-going businesses that represent this community are Borracchini's Bakery and Oberto Sausage company at the other end of the Rainier Valley. When I grew up in Southeast Seattle in the 1970s and 1980s, Vince's was one of the only restaurants in the area. Branches still exist outside of the City.
Wah Mee Other Business 665 S King St, Seattle, WA “I would walk up to the door, and there was a little eight-by-eight–inch window and a man with a gray beard, just like in a movie, would look out. And if you were Asian, he would let you in. As soon as you opened the door, you were flooded with smoke and really loud music. The gambling was Chinese blackjack, roulette and some other games, no poker. There was so much money going through there; it felt dangerous. In the back there was a club with some dancing and drinking at the bar and police officers in uniform. They were paid off to turn a blind eye to the gambling and closing hours. It operated from 10:00 p.m. to 4:30 a.m.” -Roger Shimomura, in an interview with Ghosts of Seattle Past. In 1983, it was the site of a mass shooting that cast a shadow over Chinatown-International District for years.
Waid's Haitian Cuisine Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.60635111784595, -122.31641292572021 Waid was full of warmth and conversation. The very first time I went to this place he told me he loved me!
Warshalls Stores & Shops 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States Sporting goods
Washington Educational and Social Club Venues, Theaters, Clubs 2302 East Madison Street, Seattle, WA, United States "That’s where Bumps Blackwell he had his real job he had a butcher shop in the lower level, social club was on the second level of the building there." From Ghosts submission
Weathered Wall/iSpy Venues, Theaters, Clubs 1921 Fifth Avenue, Seattle A 3-story club with entrances on 5th & the alley on 4th. Home to all genres of music. Lost to the 2001 earthquake.
Welch Fuel and Hardware Stores & Shops 2211 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA "This is a neighborhood store. It's kind of like a general store, but without the food." - Jack Rothwell, co-owner
West Woodland Grade School Gathering Place 47.67070500442288, -122.36217141151428 5601 4th Ave NW: The original West Woodland Grade School The black & white photo was taken about 1910, when the school was first built, and is courtesy Seattle Public Schools. While the photo is in poor condition, it is a great look back at the very beginnings of West Woodland Grade School. You can make out the grainy outline of an old water tower on the right side of the picture and on the left side of the photo you can see the home at 5622 4th Ave NW. Would it be the same school if it was called Brower Grade School? In 1908, the district bought the original parcel of land where West Woodland School would be built. The land was purchased from the Brower family. Rumor is that Mr. Brower had offered to donate the land to the district in exchange for the school being named after him. One last interesting bit... Some of the bricks for the original school came from the old Lawton School (Interbay) following its demolition. The brick West Woodland School was demolished in April 1990 to make way for the current school building on the same site. For more history of this building visit:
Westernco's Donut House Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 7500 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117 Family owned donut house
Westlake Park Gathering Place Westlake Park “Westlake Park is a place that was a central gathering for hip-hoppers, graffiti writers, emcees, poets, B-boys (break-dancers), skaters, and street kids of the 90s. Although it physically exists today, it was once a completely different environment and vibe. At any given time of the day or night you’d find anywhere from a handful to dozens of Seattle’s most unknown to Seattle’'s most renowned alike. Back then it was way more grimy, not the clean and chic touristy destination of today. Pike Street between 4th Ave and 5th Ave was sectioned off so that it was a pedestrian walkway and not an open street like it is currently. Thick clouds of herb lingered in the park as street dancers, bucket drummers, transients, and so-called thugs cohabited in an unusual mix of harmony. Strangely enough in an era of heavy gang activity, Westlake was a place where young brothers from the South End and the Central District, the North End and West Seattle, Seattleites and Tac-town heads, even heads from other regions like Portland and Vancouver, Canada, gravitated and had a sense of belonging.” -King Khazm, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Wherehouse Stores & Shops 206 Broadway E Seattle WA Wherehouse Records was below Testa Rosa Pizza Restaurant and next to Eclipse Framing.
White City Gathering Place 47.635454646202426, -122.27825313806534 “A world’s fair came to Seattle in 1909. Madison Park got a makeover, a turreted pavilion gate, amusement rides, and a new name: White City. The carnival had a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, sideshow oddities, and a miniature train so popular with adults that kids missed out. By 1913, White City was gone, and the long-term buzzkill of Prohibition soon set in [...] Sturdy swings, slides, and a zip line live where Madison Street Park Pavilion once stood. As the White City’s entertainment hub, it could seat five hundred. Before that, the land was covered in virgin timber. Before that, the forest wasn’t made of timber—it was full of trees.” -Elissa Washuta, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Wigwam Store Stores & Shops 47.5389955245757, -122.28254735469818 Seattle based discount store chain.
Wonder Bread Factory Other Business 47.59940278215523, -122.30871766805649
Wong Family Association Gathering Place 617 S Dearborn St, Seattle, WA
Woodland Baptist Church Gathering Place 47.67428833125499, -122.36268639564514 NE corner of 5th Ave NW & NW 62nd The black & white photo is courtesy Dr. Taffey Hall, Archivist for the Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archives. The NE corner of 5th Ave NW and NW 62nd wasn't always a parking lot for Grace Fellowship. In the 1940s it was once home to the Northwest Church of Christ. The church sold the building to the Southern Baptist Church on July 20,1952 for $9,500 and the name was changed to the Woodland Baptist Church. The Woodland Baptist Church sat on this corner until 1968. The congregation had grown to over 300 members and as a result more space was needed. The new church was built in 1968, one parcel to the East, and remained Woodland Baptist Church until 1999. That year, the congregation voted to change the name to Grace Fellowship in order to better reflect their mission in the community. The old church was razed in 1968 to make way for the parking lot there today.
Woodland Grocery, Flour, & Feed Stores & Shops 47.67216437287117, -122.36156523227692 Then & Now: SE corner of NW 60th St and 4th Ave NW The 1905 black and white photo of Woodland Grocery, Flour and Feed, (courtesy of the Museum of History & Industry Photograph Collection, order number SHS12885). Color photo courtesy Vintage - West Woodland, ( Rasmus Peter Jensen came to Seattle from Denmark in 1889 and homesteaded the West Woodland neighborhood. His first home was located near the corner of 7th Ave NW and NW 60th. In addition to farming, he owned a construction business and operated a general store at the corner of NW 60th Street and 4th Avenue NW – Woodland Grocery, Flour and Feed. The Woodland Grocery, Flour and Feed no longer stands; a 1936 aerial photo shows the corner was a simple vacant lot by that date. Today, on this same corner, you will find a brick duplex built in 1952.
Woodland Park Pony Rides Other Business 47.668985498140984, -122.34827756881714
Woodland Theater Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47.676054618560336, -122.36369758844376 The black and white photo is dated 1937, and comes to us courtesy of the Puget Sound Archives. The color photo is courtesy Vintage - West Woodland, In the 1937 photo you can see the Woodland Theater, which was showing ‘Dancing Pirate’ and ‘Navy Born’. The Woodland Tavern (610 NW 65th St) is to the left of the theater and today this location is home to Molly Maguire’s. The Woodland Tavern’s window display includes, “Cigars, Candy, Coca-Cola and Maid O’Clover Ice Cream”. On the right side of the theater is the West Woodland Beauty Shop (606 NW 65th St) and we get a partial view of the West Woodland Café (604 NW 65th St). Today, this building is home to Advance Sign Design. The Woodland Theater, built in 1926, was one of the last silent movie theaters built in Seattle. “Talkies” were already growing in popularity and by the 1930’s many theaters in the US were showing movies that no longer needed subtitles or a house organ for entertainment. When this 600 seat theater was built a Kimball Pipe Organ was also installed. The organ was the “special effects” for the Woodland Theater and provided accompaniment during the movies and concerts between showings. When comparing the two photos you can see that the entrance façade has undergone several cosmetic changes. The “Now” photos shows a stone façade that was added in the mid 1950’s. The entrance was closed in at a later date, but the roof line has stayed the same. In the wide view “Now” photo, you can see that the theater seating area, or the “house”, is behind a row of store fronts which have all been converted into one business, Advanced Sign Design. There were two movies showing the day the “Then” photo was taken in 1932, Ladies of the Jury and Broken Wing. The “Then” photo also shows a confectionery to the west of the theater, which is now home to Molly Maguire’s. The Woodland Theater has survived on NW 65th now for 84 years. During this time the building has been used as a movie theater, an indoor ski park, a medical device manufacturing, print shop and concert venue. The building survived water damage in the 1960’s and a fire in the 1970’s.
Woolworth's Counter Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.663132972424016, -122.29837775230408 Get the blue plate special at the decidedly middle-class University Village. Could head over the Ernst for garden and hardware needs and then go bowling at the Village Lanes bowling alley (previously the Rolladium roller rink)
World Class Chili Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 93 Pike St Ste 102 Seattle, WA Truly amazing stuff. And that cornbread... People were always miffed by the styrofoam but damn was that chili good.
Yick Fung Co. Stores & Shops 705 S King St, Seattle, WA Now preserved in the Wing Luke Museum. "At the Yick Fung Company, I’d find a selection of ginger and preserved plums." -Dean Wong, from a piece in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology
Yoo Hoo Cafe Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 607 N 35th St, Seattle, WA, United States Cafe serving Torrefazione espresso, made on premises pastries, waffles, calzones, fresh made organic juices and vegetarian one pot lunches, Also featured and sold graphic novels, mostly from Fantagraphic books. Active 1990-1994.
ZAPP - Zine Archive & Publishing Project Gathering Place 47.61622043585085, -122.31790959835052 While ZAPP is still going strong (albeit temporarily homeless) may the basement iteration complete with giant robot battles, Seattle DIY meetings and DIY Academy and illicit happenings in the stacks live in infamy. Oh and the sacrificial shrine to Rupert Murdoch that he might spare our independent media - complete with fingernail clippings.

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