New York

Where do you miss? What spot must never be forgotten?

The places submitted as memories to the Ghosts of Seattle Past were turned into a series of hand-drawn maps of the city featuring the venues, shops, restaurants, galleries, and gathering sites that haunt our hearts. They traveled locally with The Anthology to festivals and galleries, where everyone could pin and commemorate our lost spaces.


Ghosts of Seattle Past is going on tour in April 2017!!! When we reach New York, we want to collect your stories of places you have loved and lost. We will not be making anthologies of other cities’ beloved former haunts—but perhaps, someone else will! After all, every city deserves to have its memories preserved, to have context for the spaces that shaped its residents’ lives.

Not seeing a place you miss on the map? Submit a new location by right clicking on the map and filling out the form at the bottom of the page. (Note: to avoid duplicates, new places are reviewed before they post to the map, so don’t worry if your submission doesn’t show up right away).

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