Come to Our Epic Two-Part Book Launch on April 11th

The Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology is being printed as we write, and we can’t wait to gift the city a typeset-and-bound gift of all the stories it’s lent us. We’re putting together events across the country, and there are no holds barred (though there will occasionally be bars, and as of this blog post there are already 17 holds on the not-yet-totally-existent book at the Seattle Public Library).

We’re kicking off the first of several Seattle events with a two-part (!) anthology launch on April 11th.

Part 1 of the launch party will be at Elliott Bay Books

Part I (all-ages) will start at 7 p.m. at Elliott Bay Book Company:

  • The Ghosts team will introduce the project and share a slideshow of art from the project
  • Anisa Jackson will give a talk about the Black Panther Party and gentrification of the Central District
  • Davey Oil will read his essay about faith, love, and the gas explosion at 85th and Greenwood
  • Chuck Wolfe will read his essay about the Orpheum Theatre and purposeful observation of cities
  • Hollis Wong-Wear will Skype in to read about the Capitol Club, growing up, and the then-emerging Seattle hip-hop scene
  • Sara Brickman will read her essay about Charlie’s, spoken word, and queer assimilation

The afterparty will be held at the JewelBox Theatre

Once everyone’s had a chance to buy their books and get them signed by contributors, the reading bonanza will continue at the JewelBox Theatre (inside the Rendezvous) with part II, an afterparty (21+) beginning at 9:30 p.m. We’ll toast to memories of havens lost, gobble up some dessert, and bring down all the houses. Here’s what’ll happen:

  • Kibibi Monié will perform a poem about cultural erasure
  • Kate Lebo will read her essay on the Sunset Bowl, gentrification, and concepts of ownership
  • Elissa Washuta will read her essay on Madison Valley, White City amusement park, doppelgangers, and Native erasure
  • Kathy Fennessy will read her essay on working in and losing Cellophane Records and record store culture
  • Aaron Semer will perform a few songs acoustic (!!)
  • We will go home weeping and joyful and with arms full of books

There’ll be more to come next week about other upcoming events in Seattle and across the country, but in the meantime make sure to put this riot of nostalgia and creativity on your calendar.

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