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Ghosts Contributor – Eroyn Franklin

Words can’t express our delight at getting to publish The Here, a comic from one of our all-time favorite illustrators and artists, Eroyn Franklin.

The Here is a panoramic comic depicting the paths of 4 people people traversing the Harvard Ave block between E. Mercer St. and E. Republican St. It deftly conveys a mix of nostalgia, disenchantment, confusion, and curiosity about the way Seattle is changing. It also considers the way the city’s evolution might be viewed by both relative newcomers and visitors.


We won’t give spoil the fun by showing you the entire piece now, but here are a couple of panels for your viewing pleasure. The full comic will be reproduced in our anthology as well as on display when we exhibit.


The Here’s panels begin from two ends, meet in the middle, and cross over to continue their storytelling; it is an experiment on several levels, and a beautifully rendered pen and ink piece.


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