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Malden Ave and E Mercer – Remembered by Sarah Galvin

Seattle poet Sarah Galvin performed their poem “Contents of My Pockets After an Evening of Communicating with the Dead” for the Ghosts of Seattle Past while sitting on the stoop of what was once a gathering space at Malden Ave and E Mercer.

Says Galvin of the spot, “It was two duplexes, one of them formerly inhabited by the artist [Jason Sprinkle] who put the ball and chain on the ‘Hammering Man’ outside SAM, who became a born-again Christian before unfortunately going crazy and [getting hit by a train]. At one point I used a Ouija board in one of their attics with some friends and it worked unusually well. Spooky.”

This film is the third in a series produced in collaboration with the Northwest Film Forum’s #CitizenMinutes project, featuring Ghosts of Seattle Past contributors sharing the lost Seattle spaces they miss. Be sure to also check out Hollis Wong-Wear remembering The Capitol Club as well as Paul Constant paying homage to On 15th Video.

Sarah Galvin is the author of a book of poetry, The Three Einsteins (Poor Claudia, 2014), as well as The Best Party of Our Lives: Stories of Gay Weddings and True Love to Inspire Us All, forthcoming from Sasquatch Books. She is also widely known as “The Champagne of Queers.” Her poems and essays can be found in io, New Ohio Review, Pleiades, Pinwheel, Vice Magazine, and The Stranger.


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